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    DrummerNA2017 reviewed Paradise
    Over a year ago

    Full of straights and bridesmaids parties

    Due to the male strippers on Saturday nights, this place is jam packed with straight couples and cheap bridesmaids getting drunk and groping the strippers as well as being obnoxious. Friday nights is drag show night but that doesn't stop the straight invasion. The bartenders do what they can but since this is one of the only dance floors at the Jersey shore, their hands are tied. And not in a good way. Sad to see our gay establishments being invaded and overrun by rude straights

    DrummerNA2017 reviewed SF Eagle
    Over a year ago

    Folsom - $20 entry fee??? Even in gear on Friday?

    This place is generally terrific. A great mix of leathermen, masc. and the like. My issue here is that Folsom Friday charging $20 with or without gear. Saturday was $15 in gear/$20 with street clothes and Folsom Sunday was $5 in gear. I really didn't understand the logic as it used to be $10 for everyone. And occasionally $5 in gear. Consistency would be nice.

    Love this hotel and the staff is pretty amazing

    Love this place. If you can get a corner room, it's best, spend the extra $$ and get the executive lounge access. With two people it's definitely worth it. The breakfast is amazing. The after tea is nice with finger sandwiches, the "happy hour" is amazing. Many many options, as well as drinks. It's definitely worth roughly the $40/nt. as long are two are staying. For a single, maybe not. I am a vegan that is also gluten free, and not many options, but my partner eats everything. This is a great location. near SF Centre, Market Street. Folsom St. Fair/Dore. Bars are walkable, but beware of 6th Street. All in all, this place is terrific!!