BeardSmoke Doug, 109M. Leatherman, retired writer/editor/journalist, dog trainer and carer. Member of the California B&B Corps, BLUF. Politically liberal/leftist. Spiritual but no affiliation with any organized religion.

West Los Angeles, California
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9 Loved Places


  • Eagle LA Silverlake, Los Angeles
  • Bear's Den Beaubourg, Paris
  • The Bullet Bar North Hollywood, Los Angeles
  • Chelsea Pines Inn Chelsea, New York
  • Gaslight Inn Capitol Hill, Seattle


  • DougCIGAR
    DougCIGAR reviewed The Bullet Bar Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Perfect Neighborhood Leather/Western/Bear/Men's Bar
    Love the cigar night, wish I were able to get to more of them. This bar takes its community and customers very seriously, and more power to them for doing so! Some very interesting nights and people show up here regularly.

  • DougCIGAR
    DougCIGAR reviewed Eagle LA Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Best damn leather bar in California bar none
    Only wish that the Eagle had more leather-related events, but I respect the fact that its owners have many different constituencies and interests that they must represent, and leathermen must be aware of a bigger picture and share the venue.

  • DougCIGAR
    DougCIGAR reviewed Gaslight Inn Over a year ago
    Loves it

    It's like "Home Sweet Home" in your most vivid dreams!
    This city inn always evokes the warmest spot in my heart, and I wish that I could go and stay there at least once a year and make the rounds of all its fantastic rooms. Staying here heightens the entire Seattle/Puget Sound experience, a backdrop that enhances and embellishes every minute of the day. The staff is always warm, friendly, and most importantly, highly competent. They have tremendous pride in their establishment, and their every action demonstrates that pride. Gosh, I wanna go again ASAP!

  • DougCIGAR
    DougCIGAR reviewed Chow Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Every City Should Have a CHOW!
    This San Francisco legend of a restaurant is irresistible. Everything on the menu comes up like real home cooking, but not just any home cooking -- the BEST home cooking! I've never ordered anything here that wasn't absolutely first-rate and top-drawer from the soups, the vegetables, the lasagna, the meatloaf, the blue-medal deserving pies and cakes, even the freshly squeezed lemonade. In how many cities across the world have I been on a business trip and wished that a local version of CHOW was there?!