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  • DivaClaire
    DivaClaire reviewed Cruisin' 7th Over a year ago
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    Girls, you deserve better
    I was visiting Phoenix and the rumor mill said this was the place to check out. Sorry, but someone needs to call maintenance and have that rumor mill recalibrated, because cruisin is just sad. It would appear that the decorating was done by drunken hells angels with a .50 cent budget. I really love the black lights. Not sure if management knows this, but black light makes even the most beautiful amongst us look like hell. Nice choice for a bar trying to attract girls who actually care how they look. But, I wanted casual and laid back, wasn't in the mood for a full blown dance club, so I was willing to look past the decor. The men, I was not willing to look past... or at for that matter. Sorry, but the Eye Candy Quotient in this place was a flat zero. flabby, unkempt shlubs that couldn't even be bothered to wear a shirt with sleeves. And I'm being easy here, not asking for a collar or button down front, but I've precisely zero interest in viewing your sweaty pit hair. Sorry, not sexy. If this is exemplary of the TG culture in Phoenix, I believe I will stick to spending time with my GG friends. And if the male clientelle are exemplary of Phoenix as a whole, then the town has taken a nose dive since I moved 10 years ago. It used to be an attractive population in Phoenix. Where did they go?