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    Devilleather reviewed The Cock
    Over a year ago

    Worst bar I think I have ever been to.

    $5 cover and rude barman for starters. So dark the uneven floors are going to get you some time during your stay. Let the most drunk, obnoxious and gawking women in. Gawking guys too m9stay at the Go Go dancers who come in two varieties, only 2 little twin dauphines initially but then later a couple of hunky muscled guys as well, these with their cocks poking out of their underwear (covered by inserts in the underwear ) (real or ? I wasn't prepared to pay to find out). Someone asked me was the downstairs not open? There's a downstairs? Must be accessible behind the traffic cone guarded area at the back so presumably no it was not open. I gave up and left at 1 although the rather weird crowd was at its peak.