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  • DeniseP
    DeniseP reviewed Farina Focaccia & Cucina Italiana Over a year ago
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    Obnoxious - Lack of Customer Service Manager
    "Last night I ate at Farina. Had a great was fabulous..waitress was very knowledgeable, professional and personable. At the end of dinner, after the MANAGER of Farina, swiped my ATM card and returned the folder to our table, I found my card was missing. I alerted the MANAGER and the waitress that they had not not returned my card. The MANAGER after looking around for it for about 2 seconds became dismissive and said there was nothing that he could do about it and I should go ahead and cancel my card. There was no apology and he was insinuating that maybe I was not telling the truth. As I got more upset, more now about his attitude and dismissiveness, distain??, he told me that "my attitude was not going to get me anywhere". I told him that it was not getting me anywhere anyway because I still did not have my card. It was my friend, who asked him, if he had my name and contact information when the card was found (he had not even thought to ask that). After about 15 tense minutes, I did not want to leave the restaurant without it. even though we were rushing to the theatre, the waitress brough my card over because the MANAGER had given it back to another patron by mistake. By this time, still no apology but just a "haughty and I could care less" attitude from the MANAGER. I was furious and let him know...he could have cared less!! Warning to other patrons!!"