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  • Just John Forest Park Southeast, St. Louis
  • Grey Fox Pub Tower Grove East, St. Louis
  • Rehab Saint Louis Manchester Avenue, St. Louis
  • DanielT.
    DanielT. reviewed JJ's Clubhouse & Bar Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Can Be Fun!
    There is not much eye candy here but can be a place where you can have a fun night! Some of the bears are really cool and laid back! Bartenders make great cocktails! If it s your first time here don t be shocked to see a 350 lb man in a g string! After a few strong drinks you will be able to handle it! I know from the back it looks like a rug being choked by a tight piece of string but you will get threw it! LOL Saturday nights are the best night to go here!!!! :)

  • DanielT.
    DanielT. reviewed Just John Over a year ago
    Hates it

    False Ad!!!!
    There is rarely beautiful people here!Now and then a cutie will come in but most of the guys here are plain and look like they are going to house to house garage sales on a Saturday afternoon!But there are a lot of nice guys that do go here!Sometimes it can be fun! :)

  • DanielT.
    DanielT. reviewed Grey Fox Pub Over a year ago
    Hates it

    What To Say????
    Small bar,drag show ok,not that entertaining,most of the guys that go here are not that cute! A lot of girls love coming here for the show!Bartender stinks-both BO and attitude!Only fun I had here was playing darts!Drinks were somewhat good! :)

  • DanielT.
    DanielT. reviewed Rehab Saint Louis Over a year ago
    Hates it

    WoW!!!! :(
    This bar is truly sad! Mean people do work here and the customers are drunk and spaced out of their mind! There is not a warm welcoming feeling when you come here! Just a lot of attitude waiting to snap on you! The bar here is not worth spending your hard earned money at! Please go somewhere else! You will have a better time! :(