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  • Splash Bar & Grill San Jose, San Jose


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    When comenting on bars in San Jose/Bay area Splash is by far the best one. The house is packed on Fridays and Saturdays and if you are into Latin guys Fridays your night! I also like the fact that the crowed is very mixed on Saturdays with lesbians and...well you know...the gays. The only problems with me is the crowd is a late one, usualy about 11:00-11:30, but that is usualy the case in San Jose and sometimes you have to stand in line for the bathroom because of the crowd. Add more urinals? As far as a couple of these other reviews, they must be smoking crack and it's some bunk crap. Weak drinks? Come on now, what gay bar serves weak drinks. Bottom line it's worth checking out and seeing it for yourself. What do you have to lose?