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  • Grey Fox Pub Tower Grove East, St. Louis
  • Bubby & Sissy's Alton
  • ClubFitnessGuy
    ClubFitnessGuy reviewed Grey Fox Pub Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Fun On Sundays
    I like going here on Sundays for the drag show but my beef is with the bartender!This guy has a problem!( ANDY )is his name.Are you bitter or just a under paid loser!I have tried to be nice to you but you still give me attitude!Guys who look like you should not have an attitude!You are not cute please do yourself a favor dont do drag.It must be clear you have a crappy life!Is that why you are angry all the time?All you are doing is driving customers away to other bars!No one wants to deal with you asshole!You and the sound guy on Sundays should get together, both are unattractive and would be a match made in heaven!I hope they replace you soon with a nicer bartender!You suck big time!Loser Trash!!!!!!!!!

  • ClubFitnessGuy
    ClubFitnessGuy reviewed Bubby & Sissy's Over a year ago
    Hates it

    One Bar Here!
    Not worth the time or effort going here!These are small town guys on the stupid side of life!Not attractive most of them act like sissys and very clickish.Guys that go here are fat nasty and look dirty if you know what I mean!St.Louis side offers better guys and better choices of entertaiment!There is really nothing good here in Alton.