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  • 2015 Place Alta Vista, San Antonio
  • Tia Maria Jose de Diego Santurce, San Juan
  • Prinzknecht Sch├Âneberg, Berlin
  • Sauna Adan Malasa├▒a, Madrid
  • Lab.Oratory (at Berghain) Friedrichshain , Berlin


  • Chuecakid
    Chuecakid reviewed Up and Down Bar and Club Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Worth the effort
    OKay, it is scary at first beacuse the neighborhood is dark but it is easy to get there on Tram 15 o 9 from the city center, about 10 minutes. You can see it on your right hand side as soon as you go under the train underpass headed toward Prague 3 district. We were staying in Prague 3 district so it was just down the street. Pragues is a very safe city. A lots of goodlooking "check" boys waiting to be cashed in. Not the Pavel Novatny types, but your average Czech guy from next door. The main bar is located on the corner downstairs and the smaller afternoon bar on the street level where many younger guys 16+ hang out in the afternoons. Sixteen is the legal limit for drinking beer. Great place for afternoon happy hour 4-6pm.

  • Chuecakid
    Chuecakid reviewed CDL bar lounge club Over a year ago
    Loves it

    A very clean sex bar
    Your first impression when entering CDL is how cleanser clean the bar and bathrooms are. You can still smell the Mr. Clean and Tidy Bowl when you walk in. But aside from that... the bar is beautiful, with wonderful friendly staff. Downstairs is the maze of lust, with guys having all type of sex. Been here three times, and I have found the guys who come here love to kiss a lot. It is also appears to be a favorite "bator's" bar... for those cuckolds who just like to watch and masturbate. Two drink minimum cover, pay when you leave... seven euros. I highly recommend it, especially during the middle of the week when other venues are slow.

  • Chuecakid
    Chuecakid reviewed ExCorner Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Get ready to talk a lot
    The Corner is a great place to start, or even stay the entire evening. Nice folks, good looking guys and cheap drinks make this neighborhood bar in a real welcoming nightspot.

  • Chuecakid
    Chuecakid reviewed 2015 Place Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Grew up in SA
    In the 1980s, this was my watering hole.... 10 cent drinks on Wednesdays and 25 cent pitchers on Sundays. Maxi had her regular show... always a Liza number, and Desi the barman, Cuban to be exact, was always present with his infectuous laugh. The music was great, and the corner table, with the mermaid or big busted woman holding two dim lights saintly guarding .... was my favourite. I hear it is still the place to go in SA. I haven't been back in decades.

  • Chuecakid
    Chuecakid reviewed Sauna Adan Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Franco turned a blind eye, says one patron
    If you like rent boys, this is the place... not really a sauna, but a typical male whorehouse (prostitution is legal in Spain). Most guys are from Brasil... need I say more? A second grouping from Bulgaria (really hot, rough types). Again, this place is really not a sauna in the sense (there is a steam room and dry sauna and showers, but that is it) Trivia: One elderly patron (looked like in his late 70s) told me that the place existed during the Franco dictatorship (hustlers and all), but the authorities turned a blind eye. Hmmmmm... I wonder....

  • Chuecakid
    Chuecakid reviewed Prinzknecht Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Good looking guys 30-plus
    If it weren't for the German spoken, this beautifully decorated bar could be located anywhere in the US from Seattle to Miami. But fortunately its is not... it is in the heart of Berlin. I call this place my favorite Berlin beer joint because the varieties are wonderful, Ahhh, yes the guys... Lots of handsome, manly, friendly men, and best looking ones seem to be partnered. Shucks!

  • Chuecakid
    Chuecakid reviewed Lab.Oratory (at Berghain) Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Anything goes!
    Now this is what is called a sex club. There's something for everybody. It is a little difficult to find especially if you are getting there on the U-Bahn when it is dark. Their novelity is letting customers in between 10-midnight only, then the rest of the night, anything goes. The night I went it was 2x1 Becks, but unfortunately they give you both bottles at the same time. So if you are alone, drink up! Most people in jockstraps on regular night, but they do have dresscode rubber, "gummi" etc.

  • Chuecakid
    Chuecakid reviewed Tia Maria Jose de Diego Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Best watering hole in SJU
    Strong drinks, yes, but they are also have some great prices. Best place to start the night, spend the evening, or take in a late afternoon. The crowd in the afternoon is totally different than the late night crowd. I remember when nobody went to this place years back when I was living in SJU, now it seems nobody has never been there.