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  • Luther's Cafe Northcentral, San Antonio


  • CharityC
    CharityC reviewed Luther's Cafe Over a year ago
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    We were a party of 6 and most of us had our own individual tickets. The waiter Steven waited on us for the evening. He forgot most of our requests but we didn’t complain. The waiter was obviously drunk as we got further in the evening. Our entire party tipped well despite the bad service. Steven apparently told the other table he was not happy with our table and said we only tipped $2 for our whole table. This was not true because each of us tipped $10 and there was 6 in our party. However, the guy at the other table started getting an attitude and put his finger in my daughters face. This was very unprofessional and frankly this whole situation almost turned very ugly. This entire establishment is unorganized and unprofessional. The waiter is petty for talking to another table about us and lying nonetheless. It’s interesting that the guy at the other table didn’t say anything to anyone else but my daughter. He was targeting black people because this entire establishment doesn’t feel like black lives matter!!