Delray Beach, Florida
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    Buffd1 reviewed Club Fort Lauderdale
    3 weeks ago

    First time to a bath house and can’t imagine a way to have a better experience. Lounged by the pool and watched the sights including some self stroking. When I got horny, I checked out the steam sauna which was just the right amount of mystery. A communal room was playing five screens of porn with stadium type seating with lots of padded cushions. Hoked up and went to a private room which was nothing special, but reasonable clean and comfortable. After a little action, went back to the pool to chill. Then when I got horny again, I went back to the communal room. I will definitely be back now that I know the layout and will have fun looking for someone to edge with and frot. Only complaint is that the hot tub smelled a little gamey and cummy. Next time skip the hot tub and stay cool in the pool.