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  • Hank's Bar North Orlando, Orlando


  • BradTaylor
    BradTaylor reviewed Hank's Bar Over a year ago
    Loves it

    It is what it is
    Hank's has no pretense. They sell you a beer and you must buy at least one, and then unless you are a regular who sits around the bar conversing with the bar tender and other regulars, you head to the outdoors patio to either watch the action or to join in if you are horny enough or had several beers. The usual suspects are usually there along with tourists or other non-locals. When I am feeling picky or a little shy, I just drink a beer and leave. When my cock or asshole is hungry, then I join in with the other like minded pervs. It is all public and that usually is fine with me, like the time a black dude fucked me repeatedly for an hour as others sucked dick and watched. The more you drink the more fun you will have, but the cops,who never enter Hank's, are waiting for you to drink and drive so be careful.

  • BradTaylor
    BradTaylor reviewed DC Eagle Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Good time with good guys
    Good place to enjoy the company of a great group of guys. Love the second floor balcony.