Bobby Harris, 58M. i use to live for 16 years in california, the first place i came to in june of 1985 was orange county california, then over the years i moved to san francisco, and made it through the quake of 1989 there, been to a few clubs in the castro, and haven't been to others yet now there is new ones. but the high rent has chased me away from california, i do miss san francisco alot, the clubs i have been to in the castro was, midnight sun on 18th st, three of them on castro was twin peaks, i think QBAR was formerly the bear. i miss that one, i met some great people there in 1989-1990's and i think if i am right one more bar on market close by castro was the cage. sort of a leather bar not sure i think its closed down now since, i know i am tempted to move back to SF alone!!!! not sure if i should or what its hard to afford hmmm.i am hard of hearing too so i know many people are hearing impaired in gay community i do not know many of them, i just got out of my very first relationship and would like to be back in san francisco

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  • Badlands The Castro, San Francisco
  • 440 Castro The Castro, San Francisco
  • Moby Dick The Castro, San Francisco
  • Twin Peaks Tavern The Castro, San Francisco
  • The Stud SOMA, San Francisco
  • Underground SF Haight-Ashbury, San Francisco


  • Bobbyjh
    Bobbyjh reviewed The Stud Over a year ago
    Loves it

    good place for weekends
    i have never been to this place but i can see its cool to go to and this was suppose to have closed down the buisness because of new owner and landlord, and tripling up rents but stud is still there and still open its a good thing it didnt close after all give it a try there, it friendly place

  • Bobbyjh
    Bobbyjh reviewed Twin Peaks Tavern Over a year ago
    Loves it

    very nice and comfortable place
    i have been there quite a few times and have loved it to sit there in nice sunlight or just to look out the window and watch the traffic and its a nice place it has a long history of this establishment, i recommend it

  • Bobbyjh
    Bobbyjh reviewed SF Eagle Over a year ago
    Loves it

    nice place
    now this one i have not been to i see its been there for a very very long time, many years i heard, someone i met who is a leather boy he is deaf he went there. i haven't been in there yet or know much but do know what i heard its fun

  • Bobbyjh
    Bobbyjh reviewed Q Bar Over a year ago
    Loves it

    awesome place
    i think it used to be ... the bear bar on the castro way back in 1989-1990's i miss the old one seen the outside and recognized it, now it seems to have had changes looks like a fun place to be on weekend

  • Bobbyjh
    Bobbyjh reviewed Badlands Over a year ago
    Loves it

    nice place
    never seen it i dont think, but dont really remember for sure but it looks cozy and its like a good place to dance or mingle with people meeet new people too