Barb Shadomy, 56. I'm an interior designer and boutique inn owner, splitting time between our home and luxury bed & breakfast Stonehurst Place in Atlanta, GA, and Frankfurt Germany where my partner Karen works for a bank and we live with our two sweet Labrador Retrievers, Fleurie and Zeus :) â

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  • Stonehurst Place Bed & Breakfast Midtown, Atlanta
  • Bacchanalia Midtown, Atlanta
  • Restaurant d' Vijff Vlieghen Centrum, Amsterdam
  • Oberwasser CLOSED FOR GOOD AS OF 23 MARCH 2019 Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin


  • BarbStonehurstPlace
    BarbStonehurstPlace reviewed Restaurant d' Vijff Vlieghen Over a year ago
    Loves it

    No Flies on this one!
    Located in five authentic 17th century buildings between the Spuistraat and the Singel, this restaurant with nine dining rooms serves 'New Dutch' cuisine. We love it! We've been to Amsterdam a few times and make it a point to head to the five flies, as the name is translated, for terrific ambience, great food and service. The restaurant also offers a dinner cruise - sounds wonderful, but we haven't yet done it. Next time!

  • BarbStonehurstPlace
    BarbStonehurstPlace reviewed Les Trois Garçons Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Lush food, lush decor - this lush loves it!
    So, the Eastend isn't my scene. Who cares when taxis will whisk you to Les Trois Garcons for one of the best dining experiences in London! Fit for a queen - and not the royal type - the stunning decor (But of course there is a stuffed bulldog wearing a tiara and angel wings to greet me! But of course there is an oh-so-clever display of suspended evening clutches hanging over a dining table!) will have you engaged and intrigued all night. The food is fantastic, although the tables couldn't possibly be more crowded together... Be sure to have drinks at Lounge Lover around the corner, their bar with crazy decor and a drinks menu as thick as a bible, either before or after.

  • BarbStonehurstPlace
    BarbStonehurstPlace reviewed Oberwasser CLOSED FOR GOOD AS OF 23 MARCH 2019 Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Over the moon for Oberwasser!
    We have two best gay boy friends in Berlin, in the fun Prenzlauer Berg neighborhood, who live next door to this wonderful restaurant. We visit them a lot, and my first request every time is 'When are we eating at Ursula's?'... Ursula is the proprietor of Oberwasser a small, unpretentious restaurant with an equally small kitchen. She produces a delightful menu of German traditional food. Ursula is also the cook, which means that at times you may have to wait a bit for the food - trust me, her spaetzle is worth it! Decorated as if the set of 'I Am My Own Wife' with Gründerzeit furniture, it's a delight and worth a visit.

  • BarbStonehurstPlace
    BarbStonehurstPlace reviewed Jewel Bako Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Totally Expensive, Totally Worth It!
    This sushi restaurant is, bar none, my favourite sushi barb of all time. I've been thrown out of Jewel Bako and still say that ;) The sushi is exquisite. No better word for it. The restaurant is run by a husband-wife team (she worked at Tiffany, he at some Wall St firm) and I don't know how well they did in those professional lives but this is their hit run for sure. Don't drink one-bottle-of-saki-per-person like we did, don't sit at the sushi counter with friends drinking same, and not expect to (oh-so-politely) asked to leave as we were. Thinking back, I'd have done the same :) if I were them. Be prepared for one shocker of a bill at the end of the eve, but it's so worth it.

  • BarbStonehurstPlace
    BarbStonehurstPlace reviewed Maison Blanche Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Amazing views of Paris served up with great food!
    Whenever we go to Paris, or hear about friends heading there, the first thing that comes up is our favourite museum, then our favourite restaurant, Maison Blanche. Near the Seine on an upper floor of a nondescript office-looking building is this incredible restaurant. All the tables are angled, and spread far apart (which you pay for in terms of a pricey menu) to afford everyone a view of Paris at night. It\'s truly spectacular!\r\nThere are just a few table with a full on (as in not stretching as far as you can to see it) view of the Eiffel Tower, so if you\'re headed here for a special occasion be sure to ask for one when you book.\r\nWe\'ve probably been to this restaurant 6-8 times and send friends even more, and it never disappoints!

  • BarbStonehurstPlace
    BarbStonehurstPlace reviewed Bacchanalia Over a year ago
    Loves it

    My favorite Atlanta restaurant for 15 years!
    Bacchanalia is an amazing restaurant, an Atlanta dining institution since 1993. Chef Annie Quatrano is a James Beard award recipient and produces a wonderful seasonal menu that satisfies every time. It can be hard to get a reservation, so do what I do - go early and eat at the bar ... you get the same great service, you're closer to the drinks :) and you can see right into the kitchen and watch the team at work preparing and delivering greatness. Be careful not to do what I also do there, which is have one glass of wine too many and shop in Star Provisions, Quatrano's gourmet shop with fantastic meats, cheeses, serve ware etc, on the way out the door. You know how much easier it is to splurge on that must-have item with the extra glass of vino in you ;)

  • BarbStonehurstPlace
    BarbStonehurstPlace reviewed 4th and Swift Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Top Pick for Food and Ambience
    Chef Jay Swift's passion for slow food is a new opportunity for Atlantans to experience a farm-to-table menu, with seasonal offerings (the way it should be!) of thoughtfully combined and presented foods. I often pay as much attention to the decor as to the food, and this place doesn't disappoint! This is a great restaurant for either a romantic meal or a business dinner, with that upscale casual feel that makes everyone comfortable. Loved it!