Gregg Piacentini, 61. I live in west hollywood and like goin to the gym, traveling, and hanging with friends

West Hollywood, California
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  • The Abbey Food & Bar West Hollywood, West Hollywood
  • Cafe La Boheme West Hollywood, Los Angeles
  • Basix Cafe West Hollywood, West Hollywood
  • The Beverly Center West Hollywood, Los Angeles
  • Gold's Gym Hollywood Hollywood, Los Angeles


  • AvalonGregg
    AvalonGregg reviewed Cafe D' Etoile Over a year ago
    Loves it

    The best gay owned restaurant
    I use to work at Cafe D'Etoile for 5 years in the 90's, The food is still amazing and where I go to meet friends and have a great meal. The Filet mignon is one of my favorites here, also the fried brie and chicken potstickers are my favorite starters. I used to call this place the "Gay Cheers" where everyone knows your name....Brett the bartender is always funny and pours a mean drink

  • AvalonGregg
    AvalonGregg reviewed The Beverly Center Over a year ago
    Loves it

    I love the BC
    I have been goin to the Beverly Center since 1984...And it is still my favoirte indoor malls in LA. I love Politex, and Traffic and Bloomingdale's the most...and the mall is great for cruizing...I'm just saying

  • AvalonGregg
    AvalonGregg reviewed Gold's Gym Hollywood Over a year ago
    Loves it

    My gym since 1993
    I love gold's gym, it has all that anyone needs to kick their ass into shape....and lots of modivation and eye candy for sexy workout I love their dancing and boxing classes as well as the selection of machines and free weights....sure their maybe some attitude now and then, but for the most part everyone is kind there and I've made a lot of good friends over the years...And when they expanded and added the back room 6 years ago, I entered a raffle and won the 1st prize, a trip for 2 to Hawaii....I was sooooo excited! I ove my Gym

  • AvalonGregg
    AvalonGregg reviewed The Abbey Food & Bar Over a year ago
    Loves it

    i take everyone from out of town to the abby
    I've goin to the abby since it was accross the street from where it is now. I love the vibe and openess of the space. I can go there by myslf and always run into someone I know...or want to know....grin great drinks nice people, though I do think that the quality of their food has dropped a noche in the past years, I would still reccomend it

  • AvalonGregg
    AvalonGregg reviewed Basix Cafe Over a year ago
    Loves it

    My favorite pizza in all of LA
    I love the skinny pizzas here...My favorite is the goat cheese roasted bell pepper with tapead and carmelized onions...i get this pie once a week and bring it home and add my own grilled chicken to it...also one of the best tomato soups I've ever had, great on a rainy day like today.

  • AvalonGregg
    AvalonGregg reviewed Cafe La Boheme Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Cafe La Boheme has the best happy hour
    Cafe La Boheme has the best happy hour of anywhere in LA...First off its a very sexy Restaurant that oozes passion, The happy hour(s) are from 5-730 daily, second its half off all their fun bites and half off most drinks and $5 for glass of wine...The fun bites include 3 filet mignon tacos for $6 that are amazing! also I love the chicken potstickers and dates and blue cheese wrapped in bacon...the flavor and quailty of the food is top noche and resonable for the regular price, but to get all this for half the price is delicous bargin.