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Roskilde, Denmark
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  • Jailhouse CPH Pisserenden, Copenhagen
  • Cosy Bar Pisserenden, Copenhagen


  • Asti
    Asti reviewed Cosy Bar Over a year ago
    Hates it

    cozy but ekspansive..
    Cozy place like the name suggests, but after happy hour is not a place to be recommended to students as prices are not held in conjunction class of what you get when prices rise insanely compared to similar places, and if not it's an all-night trip make their wardrobe dictatorship impossible to feel that you have had enough of money, but besides the snobby wardrobe dictators are the remaining staff friendly and the atmosphere at the bar good.

  • Asti
    Asti reviewed Jailhouse CPH Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Make's the best long island in the city :-D
    Jailhouse is a safe bet if you are looking away from the clubs and looking for a cozy bar, in addition to their excellent drinks they also make the city's best Long Island, friendly staff and cool decor The age group is the 20-45.

  • Asti
    Asti reviewed Club Christopher Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Best Gay Club in Copenhagen ;-D
    Best place to party, just 250kr is a free bar, not the must clean toilets, but a safe place if you want an awesome party! ;-D average age 18-28 wardrobe 20kr (With membership card for a discount afhængig how many friends * you take with you in town) 2 friends 50kr discount 4 friends 100kr discount 6 friends 150kr discount 8 or more gives free admission * Discount gælder only two people som ikke members