Miguel Gallardo, 49.

Guadalajara, Mexico
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  • TOM's Leather Bar Colonia Condesa, Mexico City
  • Voltio Zona Rosa, Guadalajara
  • W Mexico City Polanco, Mexico City
  • Guilt Palmas Polanco, Mexico City


  • Archangel6
    Archangel6 reviewed Guilt Palmas Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Great place, nicely located!
    Located in the Polanco area, it's a great place but you have to ask how to get in there since is located inside a complex and there are not signs in the street to look for. Inside is a great place, well distributed and all, its the same administration and service from the "Envy" bar, the difference is that Guilt only opens on Saturdays and Envy on Fridays.

  • Archangel6
    Archangel6 reviewed TOM's Leather Bar Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Fun all the time
    the only thing to improve is the area where is located, since is a little alone in the middle of nothing, but the place is great, you can feel the manly vibe all over the place, the dark room is the heart of the place and the show I've seen in the top area where incredibly hot. You'll have fun for sure!

  • Archangel6
    Archangel6 reviewed Voltio Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Best place in Guadalajara, there are no fake poses here, bears, leather, underwear, live sex, oldies, dark room, you name it and here it is... there are theme parties every saturday, best one is underwear party where you will find from jockstraps to loose boxers... on wednesdays live sex shows with different themes avery week...

  • Archangel6
    Archangel6 reviewed W Mexico City Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Trendy, comfortable, excellent!!!
    From the very moment you cross the door you really feel the difference from other hotels. The sexy lightining in all the areas, the furniture and ambient in the bar and lobby, the lights in the elevators... jus area a prelude of what awaits for you in the rooms!!! It is really the EXPERIENCE