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    AngelBenoit reviewed Charlie's Las Vegas
    Over a year ago

    Went to Leather Church on 3/13

    Got there wearing my leather and the first thing I tried to do was to get a drink but the idiot bartender made it a point to let me know he disliked me, it was this dumb looking scruffy guy with glasses on wearing a harness on top of his t-shirt. Obviously he's into bears cause he made sure I noticed that he was intentionally ignoring me and helping everyone around me while I tried to get his attention. Didn't even make eye contact or anything, and it wasn't even that I gave him attitude or something. He did piss me off though. Barry, the other bartender had to come from the other side of the bar to serve me a drink. Although I told Barry what had just happened I don't think he cared enough. This is customer service 101, that bartender looked like he hated his job and probably anyone that's not a bear. I think has happened to me me twice at that bar with different bartender. The last time it was a big bear looking one. I want to say that I got discriminated for not being a bear cause if it was because I'm Latino, then we have a huge problem. Those bartenders are not practicing the equality that gay people demand out loud. Very sad that this type of hate exists within our own community..... and we still want heterosexuals to tolerate us when we can't even tolerate members of our own gay community. Shameful!