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  • Descanso Resort Downtown Palm Springs, Palm Springs
  • The Tropicale Palm Springs Downtown Palm Springs, Palm Springs
  • Johannes Downtown Palm Springs, Palm Springs
  • Palm Greens Cafe Downtown Palm Springs, Palm Springs



  • Alex716
    Alex716 reviewed The Tropicale Palm Springs Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Maybe it was just a bad night...
    So a handful of people told us to check out The Tropicale, so we did on our last trip down. We made a reservation for 8pm. When we got there our table wasn't ready and we were told to have a seat at the bar. Since our table wasn't ready we asked if it was possible to be seated outside, to which the the very aloof host said "we'll see what we can do". We went to the bar and had a few drinks, the bartender was very attentive and nice (cute too), 45 min goes by and no table, I went back to the host to check on our table and he replied "you at the top of our list" in what appeared to be a quite sarcastic tone. Finally, we were seated at 9pm and it was explained to us that it took so long be we wanted to sit outside. No one said it would be an hour to be seated outside..ok fine...whatever we were having fun at the bar anyway. By the way, the outdoor patio area is fantastic and would be the only reason I will give them another shot. We are seated at our table and it was a good 15 minutes before someone even acknowledged that we were there, there were 2 very large parties and they were obviously were understaffed for a Saturday night. Our server was nice, but was never around because it was so busy. Our busboy on the other hand was hateful. Slammed our water glasses down, grabbed all our water glasses from the top getting his hands all over the rim of the glass, practically threw a basket of bread at our table. The food was perfectly fine, the drinks were good, and the atmosphere is great...I will chalk this visit up to a bad night and give them one more shot next time I'm in PS.

  • Alex716
    Alex716 reviewed Palm Greens Cafe Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Something For Everyone
    We went to Palm Greens at the suggestion of a few people and were not disappointed. The menu focuses on organic vegetarian and vegan dishes, but they do have a few meat options on the menu as well. We went for lunch, but I've heard people rave about their breakfast as well. They have sandwiches, wraps, salads, noodles in a huge variety of choices. The man behind the counter helping us was super super nice and explained they menu. They can pretty much make you what ever you want. I ordered the turkey club sandwich and asked them to turn it into a wrap and they did and it was amazing. The wrap also came with a chilled spicy carrot/cashew soup that would be worth walking through the desert barefoot for.

  • Alex716
    Alex716 reviewed Johannes Over a year ago
    Loves it

    What? You haven't been here yet?!?!
    We go to Johannes every time we are in PS and are never disappointed. The menu is a bit more on the upscale/creative side, focusing on seasonal local and/or sustainable meats and produce, but isn't outrageously over priced. They offer a great drinks menu and wine list. The staff is always super friendly. It's a great place for a quiet dinner for 2 or a small group. Go, you won't be disappointed.

  • Alex716
    Alex716 reviewed Descanso Resort Over a year ago
    Loves it

    What a nice surprise!
    First, this is one of very few if not the only NON-clothing optional gay hotel in PS which why we chose East Canyon. The property is lovely, the pool/jacuzzi was immaculately clean, the staff couldn't have been nicer and the owner Richard is so gracious. By the end of our stay it felt like we were staying with friends. If you want a nice relaxing place to stay, do yourself a favor and stay at East Canyon.