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  • Bar Aigle Noir The Village/Le Village, Montreal
  • Campus Danseurs nus The Village/Le Village, Montreal
  • Complexe Sky The Village/Le Village, Montreal
  • Bar Le Stud The Village/Le Village, Montreal
    AWOLF reviewed Campus Danseurs nus Over a year ago
    Hates it

    What do you expect
    OK. 1) Guys here are muscular, buff and masculine and do not know how to dance. You want to see good dancers ? Go to a ballet !2) It is a male dancer bar and like all dancer bar in the world (male or female) the name of the game is "MONEY"... If you show the greens, you'll be pampered and they'll be all over you, if you don't, you'll be ignored on the long run 3) People whine about guys being str8: Get over it ! 95% of male dancers in the village are str8... It is one of the reasons I don't like male dancer bars: I find the scene to be totally fake. But hey ! That's me. Don't fall in love ! Prices are hefty, but again, what do you expect ? If it was for me, they would all get one star... but I'll be fair and give it a 3 for the guys who are attractive, decor and general attitude towards the clientele and because my friends who like those kind of places tend to like it a lot. Bring your dollars....

    AWOLF reviewed La Mie Matinale Inc Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Change attitude
    I have there to buy bread a couple of times and never again. Usually service is cold and on the verge of being "suffisant" but the last time, the employee had an attitude and I don't need this. There are many places to buy good bread in this city and I hate to have the impression I am bothering. Even if I come in just a couple of minutes before closing time. (What is it in the village with the attitude ? Is it me or ??)... Bread is very good though. Review is not for the bread, but for the service and the attitude in general... I shall go back before the end of the summer and check out if my review is too harsh.... Oh ! and by the way: Am french so it is not the language !

    AWOLF reviewed Bar Relaxe Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Laid down place
    All the reviews here are quite appropriate: Relax is a nice place to hang out and have a beer and talk. No fancy stuff, friendly staff, resonable prices. You can talk and not yell. And the clientele is on the older side but who cares since you are not coming here to cruise ! But hey ! You never know !

    AWOLF reviewed Complexe Sky Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Nice place
    I like the Sky complex. It has diversified atmospheres, a terasse, bar, terasse on the roof with a small pool... Drag queens, little leathr here and there. Young and old... Happy hours are usually always busy. Quite entertaining.

    AWOLF reviewed Bar Le Stud Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Is there another place ?
    Studd bar has been a staple for many years now. It is a Jeans, leather, bear, Uniform, "name it" bar. Is there another bar that gathers to that type of clientele except the "eagle" ? Nope ! Contrary to the Eagle, there are actually people in this bar and fun to be had ! Clientele is varied, from youngsters to daddies. Staff is friendly, bar is quite vast. I do not like the music which is dancy, house, techno stuff that gets played in every gay bar across the planet, but hey ! No place is perfect ! A must if you are into that type of scene.

    AWOLF reviewed Bar Aigle Noir Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Ok, but not for me...
    The Eagle is ok. Staff has always been very friendly. Drinks are affordable. Unfortunately, every time I show up there it is almost empty ! Terasse is very nice during the day and evening. Music is (usually) much more diversified than in any other gay bars of the Village. Yup ! You can actually hear rock here and there: Quite a change from the other bars. It is ok if you are into "serious" leather, S&M and al. scene. As for me, I always found that bar quite boring and empty (Except during happy hour). Perhaps am not going during the "good" hours.