Robin Williams Bear Fashion Motherload Unearthed in SF

In what’s sure to be breaking news in San Francisco on the eve of IBR weekend, a bear sized fashion mother-load was uncovered today by yours truly at Mission second hand staple Thirft Town. It seems that an entire lot of wardrobe belonging to famed-furball Robin Williams, the Academy Award winning actor, came up for sale through unknown means. Williams apparently shares sizing with many of the hirsute soon-to-be-upon us in SF (and luckily, including yours truly!).

I got this awesome Comme des Garcons Shirt! Thanks, Robin Williams!

Williams’ clothing collection included major and amazing finds from designers like Issey Miyake, Junya Watanabe, Giorgio Armani and Commes des Garcon. Better still, the clothes were all priced to move at the bargain basement of Thrift Town, and seemed to include the tuxedo Williams wore to accept his “Good WillHunting” Oscar–and several Giorgio Armani tuxedos to boot.

So if you are a savvy, full-sized fella like myself, I would head down to Thrift Town for whats sure to be a major wardrobe booster. If you hurry, you might beat the Sui Generis team, who will surely be taking a peak of potential items to feature at their major store reopening.

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  • Matcote

    really matt? unearthed. . . by who?

  • Pixiegnomefaerie

    Just FYI- TT pays top dollar for all their stuff, they get it all from charities. RW did not drop by TT and unload his closet.

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