Big gay gossip: nightlife news in DC, Chicago, and…Louisville?

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We have so much gossip about openings and closings of gay businesses around the country. Read all about it below:

Town, D.C.

Once upon a time, Washington, D.C. boasted some of the greatest (and biggest) gay nightclubs in the U.S., until real estate developers turned everything into condos and a baseball stadium. But halleloo, one of the big clubs seems to be coming back: Town DC, which welcomed club kids, drag queens, and various nightlife glitterati from 2007 to 2018, is slated to re-launch inside an abandoned church. Anyone who went to NYC’s The Limelight back in the day can attest, dancing beneath the glow of backlit stained-glass windows is lots of fun. Perhaps this lovely angel from glory days of the past will stop by once again (link kinda NSFW).

But don’t put on your dancing shoes yet: a spokesperson told GayCities, “We have many hurdles in front of us and are very, very, very far from opening.” Dang. Until then, enjoy this clip of the goings-on at the original Town:

Hamburger Mary’s vs. Lips, Chicago

Drag brunch in Chicago is embroiled in drama these days. Lips, the chain of drag-dining restaurants in New York, Atlanta, San Diego, and Fort Lauderdale, has opened in the South Loop neighborhood of Chicago. Thank God! Bachelorette parties have a new place to scream at drag queens! Because longstanding gay-ish restaurant Hamburger Mary’s in Chicago’s Andersonville neighborhood is on shaky ground, due to the building being for sale. The sale includes the upstairs theater, Mary’s Attic, which produces some fun shows. 

Baltimore Eagle

Speaking of the D.C. area, there’s news 30-some miles northeast in Baltimore: the Baltimore Eagle had closed, then it re-opened…and now it closed again. But the management said, they will re-open again soon! They’re working on it! They promise! Whatever. Wear your leather elsewhere, folks. The DC Eagle is lots of fun.

Midwest Queer Comedy Festival, Louisville

Did you know there is a comedy festival in Louisville that features all queer comedians? The Midwest Queer Comedy Festival has run for a couple of years now. The 2019 festival, from Aug. 21-25, featured 10 comedians who performed in clubs in the city, as well as the always cool Aloft Hotel. Comedian Tony Tripoli, one of the headliners of the festival, gushed: “It was lovely. Louisville was gorgeous and the people were fantastic!” How fun is that? GayCities asked organizer Dwayne Duke to invite us next year. And we mean invite us to sit in the audience, not perform. No one here at GayCities is funny. We just like to laugh and drink.