‘A Bear Named Troy’ on being a fashion icon and where to hang out in West Hollywood

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Instagram sensation Troy Solomon has made a name for himself in Los Angeles with the gender-bending blog, A Bear Named Troy, giving make-up tutorials and style advice.

Recently in WeHo, as he walked his dogs while wearing a sequin track suit, a car stopped at a four-way intersection, rolled down the window and shouted, “You better work!”

The influencer gave GayCities a round-up of the hottest spots in Los Angeles for fun under the SoCal sun.

Favorite neighborhood? WeHo. You have the best of both worlds: you can party at all the best bars, but also find some peace and quiet in the residential parts.

Favorite gay bars/clubs? The Bayou, Pump, The Eagle

Which LA hotels do you recommend for visitors? Palihouse, Le Parc Suite, or the Ramada.

Favorite place to grab a bite? My favorite lunch spot in all of LA is Aroma Coffee & Tea in Studio City. I always order the crab cake sandwich with a side of garlic fries and their cold brew is out of this world. It’s literally heaven.

Where do you eat when you’re feeling fancy? I love Cliff’s Edge. It’s definitely a place you want to get dressed up real cute for.

Where do you go to see-and-be-seen? I always see someone [famous] at Rock N Reilly’s or Aroma Coffee and Tea Co.

Have you had any celebrity encounters? This is not necessarily an encounter, but I was scouted while at Pride four years ago to be in a Demi Lovato music video for the song “Really Don’t Care.” If you watch you’ll see me pop up (without a beard) for like a millisecond.

Favorite LA hangout that’s off the gay radar? I really like Breakroom 86 and this place called A Simple Bar that’s literally off the 101 in a strip mall but it is so fun.

Favorite travel destination? Rome. Amazing food, friendly people, gorgeous architecture, and crazy cool nightlife.

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Worst travel experience? Dublin, Ireland was just blah. Like nothing about it was that pretty and getting around was kinda tough, but they also know how to party there, so I can’t really complain.

Where are you traveling next? Coachella. Find me twirling around in some ridiculously long sheer kimono or a crazy wig dancing to Beyonce.

How do you relax? I like to be laying around in the pool or on the beach with a cold drink and good friends listening to music.

Favorite Pride town? Los Angeles. We always have great musical artists which really draws me in because I’m a concert junky.

Which “GayCities” are on your bucket list? I really want to go to P-Town for Bear Week. I’ve also yet to really party in the Castro up in San Francisco – somebody take me.

Anything else we should know about you? I’ve seen the movie Scream about 40 times. It used to be my hookup movie when I was dating; if I put on Scream you were almost guaranteed to get some.

How did A Bear Named Troy start? I created it about three years ago. I was really coming into my own (and wore WAY too much flannel) and wanted a place to express myself through fashion so I turned to Instagram. 

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