The 10 Best Nude Gay Beaches in the World: Can You Bare It?

Maui, Hawaii: Little Beach
Little Beach (also known as Puʻu Olai) is  a small, 660-foot stretch of shoreline in Makena State Park, separated from Big Beach by a steep lava outcropping. One of the few places in the Aloha State where public nudity is kosher, on Sundays it’s also home to fire dancing and drum circles.

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  • Anonymous

    This is actually NOT a picture of Hanlan’s Point Beach. The beach is on the other side of the Island ( Lake Ontario side ) facing away from downtown. You can see the west end of Toronto and Mississauga (and sometimes all the way to Hamilton from the beach, butThe Skyline of Downtown Toronto can be viewed from the North ( Harbour Side of Toronto Islands )

  • Anonymous

    In San Francisco, a nude beach that’s even gayer and a bit friskier than Baker Beach is Marshall Beach (once, and sometimes still, known as Bad Boy Beach), which is one beach closer to the Golden Gate Bridge than Baker, but separated from it by rocks that are difficult to cross. Access to Marshall is via paths from the top of the bluff.

  • Anonymous

    Becareful baring it all in P-town…it is not a gay beach and is constantly patrolled. If caught, you will be fined and can be arrested for at least on night in jail.

  • Anonymous

    Hey you missed a very nude beach in New York, Robert Moses is a state park ,, however if you go to the beach and walk to the right, Robert Moses ends and Fire Island starts,, that is a very nude beach straights and gays all welcomed. So come on,, why travel the word ,, when right here in NY we have our own,, John

  • Anonymous

    I wish that a real GAY beach existed in Goa (in India) !!

  • Anonymous

    Obviously the writer has travelled very little and has researched this article even less. 70% of the beaches mentioned are in the usa (how patriotic and typically insular) Has the writer never been to or heard of Super Paradise in Mykonos Greece? How about the nude beaches of Sitges, Spain. Byrons Bay, Australia?
    C’mon, try to write outside of your American Box.

  • Anonymous

    In Chicago, it use 2B Belmont Rocks was the gay section.
    Now its Hollywood Beach way on the north end.
    Most all beaches in Chicago are heavily patrolled..
    So you don’t have the option or freedom to go nude which
    is ashame…if you do probably get arrested….jerzy

  • Anonymous

    Haulover Beach in Florida is awesome. I used to go there all the time about 5 years ago. Great memories of that place. Gays to the left, straights stay on the right side of the beach.

  • Anonymous

    That is not Costa de Capairca, it’s just a stock photo of some beach. There are no buildings running along Praia 19. Nice try, though.

  • Anonymous

    What about Maspalomas Gran Canaria, and the Barcelona gay beach (whatever it’s called)?

  • Anonymous

    The best nude beach I have found is on Otok Lukrum, a small island off of Dubrovnik Croatia. The beach is not exclusively gay, but the trails behind the beach have some very hot action.
    The best part is this beach is officially a nude beach with postings and a surrounding fence to keep out anyone that may be offended.

  • Anonymous

    You forgot european beaches that are bigger.. trust me, very bigger an the mediterranean sea is much more beautiful than ocean.. for example see Cap d’Agde in France, a nudist town of 50.000 people(in part gay and bisexual)! Inside you go to do shopping or in the bank nude! Spain is plain of fantastic beach… and gran canaria? and Mykonos? Europe is better for beaches respect to USA.

  • Anonymous

    Hey to the guy who posted about the gay beach in Chicago…..If u go often and hang around a bit…u will see plenty !! Its not at all heavily patrolled…guys have fun and there is sucking and other fun in a hidden way….and I dont go every day. and only stay for 2 hours !

  • Anonymous

    If u go top the gay nude beach in Toronto make sure you walk further down past the beach to the wooded area off the lake, lots of hot hot action !!

  • Anonymous

    You missed Las Salinas on Ibiza – a most paradisaical gay nudist beach with bar, restaurant and dunes behind. Heaven.

  • Anonymous

    San Onofre, CA, on the border between Orange County and San Diego County. The nude beach is actually part of Camp Pendleton but for years the Marines have looked the other way. But recently state rangers and the marines have been ticketing nude bathers that cross into the Camp’s beach.

  • Anonymous

    I am surprised that Wreck Beach in Vancouver Didn’t make it

  • frans

    10 best nude gay beaches and only one in Europe??? You must be kidding.
    Prude America shoud have the best six or seven??? You really made my day, didn’t laugh so loud lately

  • swissgay69

    i agree totally – not even the beach and dunes of the canary islands, mykonos, ibizza, mallorca, south of france, tel aviv…

  • Brendan Brogan

    Kalapana, Hawaii: The nude and straight-friendly Kehena Beach near the nude and gay guesthouse. Big Island, Hilo-side.

  • Mark

    “top ten in the world” would put one, maybe two in the U.S. – and 4 or 5 in Europe (Ibiza, Mykonos, Playa del Ingles, Zandvoort, L’Espiguette.. all rank well above many mentioned here) … either very biased or not well researched…

  • Maalstrom

    Whoever wrote this suffers from the poorly travelled North America centric dumbo view the world obviously – numpty!

  • traveler

    New Jersey? Hanlan’s Point in Toronto? Where’s Brazil, Mexico, Spain, etc? Talk about bad (biased) taste!

  • Anonymous

    Wreck Beach in beautiful Vancouver British Columbia – Gay man’s paradise!

  • Anonymous

    Sitges outside of Barcelona has a gay nude beach that you walk to from the end of the main beach (1/2 mile). Also has a cruising section over the railroad tracks

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  • Anonymous

    ❤My favorite nudist/naturist(FKK) beach is Great Keppel Island’s Leekes Beach near Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia.❤ Beautiful tropical blue water, White sands and scenery.(^~^)

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