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Some queer people don’t feel safe when they travel. Let’s change that.

Over the past 15 years, GayCities has connected people with places, helping LGBTQ+ travelers uncover adventure and discover their favorite spaces across the globe.

Now, GayCities has become the world’s leading LGBTQ+ travel website. We’re the first place LGBTQ+ travelers turn to when they want to plan their next vacation, explore new destinations, and find community, at home or abroad.

But here’s the deal – we need your help to stay on this journey. We want to continue to bring you wanderlust-inducing stories, hidden gems, and unforgettable adventures. It’s our mission to inspire our LGBTQ+ community to explore the world and travel safely, without sacrificing authenticity.

So, let’s kiki. Your contribution will help keep our mission alive.

Why Pitch In?

When it comes to LGBTQ+ travel, the mainstream guides are not telling the whole story. Here at GayCities, we spill the tea on everything from cool hangouts to the raw, unfiltered travel experiences that deserve a spotlight. Your contribution ensures that we can keep it real and relevant.

GayCities is more than a travel blog. City Guides, an unparalleled database of over 15,000 gay-owned and gay-friendly businesses, give our readers a worldwide rainbow network, complete with honest, helpful reviews from readers like you.

We believe that LGBTQ+ people deserve more than “safe” travel; they deserve to be catered to, stress-free, excited, and entertained while traveling. Queer folks should be able to enjoy a vacation where they feel like their authentic selves. That’s why our City Guides aren’t locked behind a paywall. 

Your contribution isn’t just a boost; it’s a catalyst for change. It helps GayCities stay independent and continue to create content that speaks directly to you – the LGBTQ+ explorer looking for more than the run-of-the-mill.

Representation Matters.

Forget the fluff, we’re all about sharing stories that resonate. Your contribution helps us center on authentic LGBTQ+ travel narratives, destinations, and events that might not get the attention they deserve elsewhere. It’s not just about pretty pictures – it’s about showcasing the diverse experiences that make our community unique.

GayCities highlights LGBTQ+-friendly destinations while helping travelers find the best bars, restaurants, and events for their upcoming vacations. In our ever-changing world, making sure our guides stay up-to-date costs a pretty penny. That’s why we rely on contributions from readers like you, so we can continue to make traveling safe and fun – for everyone.

How to Donate

Ready to be a part of this travel revolution? Head to our donation page. Whether you’re up for a one-time contribution or a monthly high-five, every bit counts. Your generosity is the fuel that keeps our engine running strong.

As we gear up for more adventures on the road ahead, we want to express a massive thank you for being part of our GayCities audience. Your support is what makes our wheels turn, and we’re grateful for every bit of it.

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We believe that LGBTQ+ people deserve safe vacations that allow them to be their authentic selves. That's why our City Guides aren't locked behind a paywall. Can you contribute today?

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