Patrick Church talks bold beachwear, sexy swimsuits, and connecting through clothing

Summer is the time to flaunt what you’ve got! Whether you’re on the beach or poolside, you have to be prepared for the heat. For Patrick Church, that means a teeny-tiny bikini and a lot of personality.

Designer, artist, and all-around creative Patrick Church released his most extensive collection ever this year. The 28 pieces that were dropped in June are all pieces of swimwear. However, instead of basic briefs and over-done patterns, Church has designed swim fits that are daring and bold. 

These clothes capture a queer fantasy. It’s beachy trash-glamour. These pieces were designed to make us feel sexy, outrageous, and visibly–defiantly–ourselves. But don’t take our word for it: read what Patrick has to say.

This most recent collection seems to be all about showing skin and feeling the summer heat. What inspired you to create the collection?

“Me and my husband always look forward to designing the swimwear and developing my prints onto a variety of silhouettes. This year we just wanted to go all out and create our biggest swim collection yet with lots of different shapes and styles. I think with swimwear you can have so much fun with silhouettes and that was definitely inspiring to us this season.”

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You’re always sharing people wearing your designs on your Instagram. What inspires you to do so?

“I try to share everyone who posts in my work on Instagram. It is very important to me to showcase the people who support me. I am so grateful to each and everyone who connects with the work I am doing and love to celebrate everyone wearing the collections!”

This most recent collection is the largest collection you’ve ever dropped. I have to ask, do you have a favorite piece from this collection?

“Opera gloves as a beachwear staple is something I am very proud to promote!”

When you were designing this collection, at what kinds of events did you imagine people wearing the pieces? Or were there any places that inspired you?

“I was really inspired by stories that people share when they meet people through wearing the clothing. The idea for swimwear is that people could connect by wearing them not just at the beach, but at the club, mixing them with other garments. “

You’ve traveled to quite a few places. Are there any locations (bars, hotels, etc.) that you feel drawn to?

“I love Florence in Italy, I think it’s extremely beautiful. I always feel inspired walking around New York City, it has an energy like no other, I think my favorite thing to do is walk the streets and take in my surroundings when I am traveling.”

If you haven’t yet, check out Patrick Church’s website to shop the collection.

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Photos by Hazel Kiesewetter-Spengler at Candy Studio NYC

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