PHOTOS: These signs remind us that Pride is a protest

Grand Marshall Schuyler Bailar holds the Trans Flag at NYC Pride | Photo from NYC Pride Facebook

We’ve all seen the signs, t-shirts, and pins that declare “the first Pride was a riot!” While Pride has blossomed into a worldwide celebration over the decades, it remains, in many ways, a protest. It’s a time for the LGBTQ+ community to take up space and increase visibility. It’s an opportunity to raise money and challenge societal expectations. It’s an opportunity for defiance and change.

That’s why signs remain a staple of Pride. Signs display messages directly in words and symbols. They’re almost necessary components of protests around the world. And, they remind us that Pride is still a protest, no matter how much these celebrations have grown and changed since their inceptions.

“Pride is a Protest” sign held up at Capital Pride in Washington DC | Photo from Capital Pride Facebook

Some of the best signs out there show a real want for change. These signs ask for justice and respect. Here are some of our favorite displays, held up by the gorgeous people that came out to pride celebrations this year.

Where some focus on the message, others take a cheekier approach. A little humor goes a long way in getting the message across. These people have mastered that approach.

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Let’s not forget all the sweet moments that happen at Pride Parades. One of our favorite additions has been the Free Mom Hugs. Across the US, parents are donning these shirts and offering comfort for anyone that might need it.

Reproduction rights received quite a bit of attention at Pride celebrations this year. In the wake of the overturn of Roe v Wade, people came out in droves, showing support for abortion services. Abortion rights are LGBTQ+ rights, and that was clear at Pride!

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