PHOTOS: These signs remind us that Pride is a protest

Grand Marshall Schuyler Bailar holds the Trans Flag at NYC Pride | Photo from NYC Pride Facebook

We’ve all seen the signs, t-shirts, and pins that declare “the first Pride was a riot!” While Pride has blossomed into a worldwide celebration over the decades, it remains, in many ways, a protest. It’s a time for the LGBTQ+ community to take up space and increase visibility. It’s an opportunity to raise money and challenge societal expectations. It’s an opportunity for defiance and change.

That’s why signs remain a staple of Pride. Signs display messages directly in words and symbols. They’re almost necessary components of protests around the world. And, they remind us that Pride is still a protest, no matter how much these celebrations have grown and changed since their inceptions.

“Pride is a Protest” sign held up at Capital Pride in Washington DC | Photo from Capital Pride Facebook