PHOTOS: Meet the burly bears of Bearracuda at Precinct DTLA

Bearracuda at Precinct DTLA, photo by Dusti Cunningham

Attention all fur-lovers: Bearracuda is hosting a party near you (hopefully). Bearracuda is one of the most popular nightlife conglomerates on the planet, and its success is due to its modus operandi: the events are advertised as “a fun, friendly party for bears, cubs, and other wildlife,” which includes any of the other animals that gay guys will adopt as their identities.

Why do the gays do this? It makes sexual objectification convenient and easy: refer to a guy as a “bear” and you know what you’re getting. And at Bearracuda, you’re probably getting that bear in a jockstrap or a thong.

Bearracuda events feature battalions of sexy dancers, and those dancers can be a bit risque. So, if you have a delicate disposition you might not want to look up at the men gyrating on gogo boxes. But for those customers who enjoy the sight of a man with some meat on his bones, this is the place to be.

Bearracuda hosts events all around the world, with multiple spots running in the US currently. Let’s meet some of those gentlemen who provide the hospitality services and entertainment at Bearracuda’s parties at Precinct DTLA:

Dancer Manny

Dancer Danglio

Dancer Dre

Dancer Ricardo

Dancer Steven

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photos by Dusti Cunningham, courtesy Bearracuda