PHOTOS: Finding Dore–Up Your Alley fair returns to San Francisco

Kinkster couple Andres and Kirk at the titular Dore Alley

As the vaccination rate in San Francisco continues to rise (currently over 660,000 residents have already been vaxxed out of about 800,000), normalcy steadily returns. And nothing is more normal in SF than kink.

This embrace of sexual liberation was once again on full display over the weekend when the Up Your Alley Fair returned to Dore Alley.

Here’s a round-up of the afternoon’s friskiest fetishists for those that couldn’t make it.

It’s Like Folsom… But GAYER

Local kinkster Kevin “Liability” Ebach poses with a friend on Folsom Street, which along with Dore Alley serves as the venue for the annual Up Your Alley Fair. The event evokes similarities to the much larger Folsom Street Fair, which is also a celebration of sex and body positivity. The major difference is that Dore has more of a queer male focus: It’s waaaay gayer.

It Takes All Kinds

Dore Alley celebrates every hue of the queer kink rainbow without judgment. These fetish friends illustrate the heterogeneous nature of the homo event. This kink crew alone consists of members of the leather, rubber, pup, and diaper communities. At Dore, orgasms come in all shapes and sizes.

Finding Dore

This jockstrap-clad daddy plays on the homophonic nature of Dore by donning a hat of Finding Nemo‘s Dory and blowing bubbles in the street. We’re sure bubbles aren’t the only thing he blew in the streets this weekend…

Handle With Care

Pup players comprise a major demographic at Dore. In their community, non-pup doms like Simon (above) are referred to as “handlers.” Although, according to his badge, Simon prefers the title “Kennel Master.”


Some pups eschew overt trappings, such as masks and mitts, in favor of more subtle cues. This twink advertises his canine kink with a simple “Woof” t-shirt. The chain around his neck signifies he is owned by a dom, possibly a handler,  who possesses the key to his lock. And the light blue hanky translates to cocksucking, which when worn on the right side means he wants to give head. Woof indeed.

Where the Wild Things Are

At the other end of the pup, spectrum is “furry” play. Normally furries don full head-to-toe animal suits, but this practical pup opted instead for a head mask and summer-friendly body paint. He’s accompanied by his dragon friend, known colloquially as a “scaly.”

Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

Animal play was arguably the most represented kink at this year’s Dore. Here’s a full-figured fetishist flaunting his tiger persona.


This bondage llama is equal parts kinky and cute. Careful though, they are known to spit…

Baby on Board

Another major fetish represented at Dore was that ABDL (Adult Baby/Diaper Lover) community. This umbrella term encompasses a wide array of activities. Some engage in infantile age play, sucking on pacifiers and drinking from baby bottles. Others pad up to participate in piss play. Several doms put their subs in diapers as a form of control and humiliation.

As with everything else at Dore, as long as it’s safe and consensual, go nuts!