Nomads Henry & Frankie on the wonders of romantic travels with a new partner

Henry and Frank at WE Party in Madrid earlier this month (Photo: @nomadwithus/Instagram)

It’s never easy finding the right partner, especially if it’s someone who shares your passion for travel and the ability to work from wherever. Henry, 35, met boyfriend Frankie, 36, just last September. They’ve already been around the globe together and launched their own joint Instagram account, @nomadwithus. They describe themselves as “Nomad CEOs turned Covid couple”. They shared more info about their travels with GayCities.

How did you meet?

We are both nomads. So that means we travel the world working from wherever we want! Frankie was in Amsterdam working from there and Henry was in Rotterdam filming a show for business.

Henry was browsing Tinder and saw Frankie’s profile. Henry really liked the profile because it said something like this, “I am an entrepreneur that travels the world. I am looking for my ‘forever person’ to join me on my adventures.”

Henry loved how honest it was but also that it was aligned with his vision of his life and what he was looking for: someone mature and serious but with a free lifestyle to nomad and travel.

Frank and Henry at the Riserva Naturale Orientata Cavagrande del Cassibile, Sicily

We only met in September 2020. We have been together ever since so we definitely spend a lot of time together. We live and work together from Airbnb’s and hotels so it’s tight quarters sometimes! We joke that we are in a “relationship accelerator”!

Where were you both raised and where is your permanent base now?

Henry was raised Internationally across Asia and Europe mostly. Frankie was raised in Long Island, NY. We have no permanent base now as we live out of our suitcases. Frankie has been fully remote for almost two years now and Henry about a year and a half. We each have our “base” though. Frankie has his parents in NY and Henry’s are in Europe. Sometimes we go home and recharge in between our nomad adventures.

In Costa Rica (Photo: @nomadwithus/Instagram)

Your Insta bio calls you “Nomad CEOs” – what does that mean and how does it work?

Well, we both own our own businesses. So we have a lot of responsibilities and work demands. That’s the CEO part. The Nomad part means that we have no office or home we lease. We are completely virtual and live out of our carry-on luggage.

What was the first trip you took together?

Soon after we met, we discussed where to go first. It was October 2020 and we had never been to Sicily. So, we choose to go there! The trip was an amazing five weeks staying in Catania, Taormina, and Syracuse. We loved the food and natural wonders and it was one of the best trips we have been on together.

You like to party. Can you name any that truly blew you away?

Haha! We like to dance. We have only been to the WE party at Madrid Pride since dating. The pandemic has made us pretty nervous and careful so we waited until we were fully vaccinated. Sorry, we don’t have many fun stories here… yet.

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Name a city or country that surprised you.

We are in Porto, Portugal now. Henry has been to Lisbon before but never Porto. Frankie has never been to either. The food here is incredible! It’s so delicious and in the setting of the hilly city of Porto, it’s even better. We love walking through the old town and going to the beach. It’s been a surprise but Porto has become one of our favorite cities. We have another four weeks ahead of us exploring Portugal but overall we already love this country.

Camping in Punta Mona, Costa Rica (Photo: @nomadwithus/Instagram)

What city or destination can you return to again and again?

Hmmmm…we love Italy and Rome especially. It’s hard to beat the architecture and incredible food. I think we would never say no to an opportunity to go to Italy in general but as we love to walk through cities, Rome is perfect for this.

How has the pandemic curtailed your travels?

It’s been chaos sometimes! The rules are strict and always changing. We decided we wouldn’t let it stop us and sort of plan only 2-4 weeks ahead of us. We have been traveling the whole time though.

So far since September, we have been to Netherlands, Sicily, Rome, Prague, Dubai, Costa Rica, Florida, New York, Jamaica, Mexico, Spain, and Portugal. That sounds like a lot in less than a year and during a pandemic. Now you understand our lifestyle.

In Riviera Mayo, Mexico (Photo: @nomadwithus/Instagram)

What new countries are you looking forward to discovering once the pandemic is under control?

Henry really wants to go to Japan. He lived there when he was younger but has not been back since. Frankie has never been to Germany so we might try that soon.

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