What about the influencers? Life in the time of the coronavirus

Stefan and Sebastien at home in Cyprus, March 2020

The Great Coronavirus Caper of 2020 has halted much of the world’s economy, and the travel industry has been hit especially hard. So what happened to the Instagram influencers, and the bloggers who travel full-time? Do they have homes? What do they do now?

GayCities is checking in with our traveling friends around the world, starting with The Nomadic Boys, Stefan and Sebastien:

How are you doing?

Stefan: Seby and I are on lockdown, as much of Europe is, in self-isolation back home in Cyprus, so we are good. We are in for at least 3 or 4 months of complete loss, which we can survive. Beyond that we have to reassess things as the news develops.

How are you adjusting to being stuck at home?

As we work online behind a laptop, we are more than used to the concept of “working from home.”

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The Nomadic Boys on a stop in The Bahamas, while on a cruise with Holland America, in happier times when cruise ships were not ravaged by disease and quarantined for weeks

And travel involves long stretches of time, sitting on planes and in cars while actually traveling.

We are using this downtime as an opportunity to do all the things we’ve wanted to on our website, mainly updating old content and getting on top of those articles we’ve always wanted to publish but never had the time for. Meanwhile, with the gym being shut, we are making a point of doing a series of bodyweight exercises each morning to keep us sane and healthy. We are watching a lot more Netflix and movies.

What are you doing at home when you’re done writing? Do you have any hobbies?

In terms of games, card games we’re playing more of, as well as tavli (backgammon) which is very popular in Greek culture. However, having said all of this, we can’t say it’s easy—least of all because every 5 minutes we’re distracted by the news. Everything is so quickly evolving. But we continue to plow on, with the hope this is a temporary blip and things will start to slowly bounce back.