The key to being a trans ally: ‘We don’t want to be treated different’

What do trans people want? To be treated like everybody else. It is not a radical concept, but it deserves to be repeated.

WeHo TV host Mike Ciriaco chatted with some attendees of Heavenly Bodies, the monthly trans-centric event at The Abbey, one of the most famous gay bars in LA. Beyond the gorgeous looks and shimmering gowns, the message was simple: “Just treat us normal,” said Miss.Shalae. “We don’t want to be treated different.”

Miss.Shalae added, “As long as you’re working from love, that’s all that matters.”

Heavenly Bodies is held on the 2nd Sunday of each month in The Chapel, one of the spaces within The Abbey.

Note: The Abbey is temporarily closed due to the Coronavirus pandemic along with Heavenly Bodies. Check The Abbey website for updates.