Pics: Naked yogi tells his secrets to keeping on the move worldwide

Brandon and his husband outside the Stedjelijk Museum
Brandon and his husband outside the Stedjelijk Museum
Brandon Anthony once confessed: “I feel the most myself when I move.”
This statement is relevant on several levels. As a professional yoga instructor, Anthony is not only moving his own body, but also teaching other gay men to move theirs, through both his ‘Naked Men Yoga’ and ‘Cannabis Movement’ workshops.
This career also requires Anthony to move about the globe, visiting some of the most fabulous cities on the planet, such as Tel Aviv on October 5th.
Recently, the queer yogi took some time out of his globetrotting to chat with Wanderlust blog about his unique brands of yoga, and some of his favorite travel destinations…
Where did you get the idea to do male nude yoga classes?
I wanted to create a space for queer men to come together and celebrate themselves. We can carry so much shame with us, especially surrounding our bodies and sexuality. I’ve always been nude in my home practice, and I love it. I’ve found it to be really healing to do alone, but there’s something special about sharing in the experience with others.   
Of the many places you traveled, which felt the most gay friendly? 
Berlin is definitely the most gay friendly place I travel to.
What were your favorite places there?
Most of my time is spent hanging outdoors at Templehof, Tiergarten, and The Devil’s Lake (for skinny dipping). 
Brandon and his husband skinny dipping in the Devil’s Lake in Berlin.
If you had to chose your top favorite place in the entire world, what would it be?
Probably Vienna, Austria. My husband is from Austria, so we split our time between there and LA. I’m just always so at peace in Vienna. The architecture, the cafes, the art, the people – I love it. MuseumsQuartier is really amazing. It’s an art complex with multiple museums, cafes, and restaurants all connected through this beautiful outdoor hang space. It’s a great place to check out any day, but there are often live performances and fun events to. 
You also do CannabisMovement, which combines THC and choreography. Where did you get that idea from?
Yes, I teach cannabis and CBD infused free form dance, fitness, and yoga workshops! Cannabis has been really beneficial to me personally, enhancing my well being and my workouts for years. I was really excited for legalization, because I want to see an end to the stoner stereotype. Cannabis doesn’t have to make you lazy. It can inspire. I feel more connected to my breath and movements when I workout, I feel more connected to the music when I dance, and I work harder because I’m having fun. I wanted to share that with everyone. 
What’s your favorite dispensary in LA, and why?
LAPCG in West Hollywood has a great welcoming neighborhood vibe. I’ve been going there for years. That place feels like family. 
You also recently traveled to Amsterdam. What you would recommend as a “must visit” to other gay travelers?
Stedjelijk Museum is pretty cool!
Since Tel Aviv is your next destination, is there a specific place there you are excited to check out?
Definitely the beach!

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