Nick Theurer Serves Up Atlanta Pride, Nightwing Cosplay, and Southern Hospitality

Nick Theurer’s life is a tale of two cities. The openly bi actor/model has garnered nearly 50k followers for his Instagram portrayals of Nightwing, Gotham City’s twunkiest hero.

But Theurer is also closely associated with Atlanta. He grew up in Georgia, the home of southern charm and Atlanta Pride.

The eye-popping Insta-bromo met up with GayCities to spill the sweet tea on his hometown Pride, as well as his favorite superhero. Atlanta Pride is a ways off, but it’s too good to get lost in the shuffle.

What makes Atlanta Pride different than any other Pride?

Atlanta pride has a sense of southern hospitality with the acceptance of the big cities where prides are so well known. The southern community has always thrived because we know banding together means so much more in the Southern Bible Belt. When pride comes around, it truly shows how close everyone in the community is and it’s shown in the crazy fun pride weekend.

What is your favorite gay-friendly restaurant in Atlanta?

You have to go to Joe’s on Juniper! It is iconic and the best atmosphere. I’m also a sucker for southern food and their chicken potpie is simplistic and heavenly.

Atlanta gay bar?

Felix and Blakes are two great places to visit. Depending on what you want. For a chill vibe head to Blakes but if, like me, you want to drink a few too many and pretend you know how to dance – go to Felix.

What’s your drink of choice?

Favorite drink goes back to which bar. A chill bar means some Jameson and ginger beer. If I’m at Felix, its tequila. So I won’t remember how bad I was dancing.

You are known for your IG portrayals of Nightwing. Why does he resonate so strongly with you?

His story is one that so many can bond with. Nightwing is no longer a boy [like] Robin, and not yet a man [like] Batman. He’s growing into his true self. We all face obstacles and change just as Nightwing does. His trials and tribulations lead him to grow into the man he was destined to become. Regardless of what the world says you will become, that you’re not good enough, you will overcome.

Are there any stores or events you would recommend to your fellow gay geeks and cosplayers?

Atlanta hosts a numerous amount of Cons, like Atlanta Comic Con. They are all very different, which is great. Every geek has their own style and so do so many of the Cons. The best part is every Con I’ve ever been to is just as accepting as Pride events. They welcome you as you are, they make you proud to be a geek. Not to mention there are some hot cosplayers, cough cough.

If Dick Grayson popped into Atlanta for Pride, where would you take him to show him the time of his life?

I wouldn’t be surprised if Dick Grayson showed up at Pride, and I’m sure everyone would love it. I mean he has the best butt in comics. Piedmont Park is where the action is. If he wants to experience the true essence of what Atlanta Pride is, that’s where you start. Outside of that, the Official Aquarium party is going to be amazing. Maybe he’ll even run into Aquaman.

Finally, just because…

Photos provided by Nick Theurer

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