Googoo for Gaga

From Vegas to Miami, 3 ways to become an authentic Lady Gaga super fan

Lady Gaga is ending 2018 with a bang: award nominations are rolling in for her feature film debut in A Star Is Born, and Gaga opened her new LasVegas show residency, “Enigma,” on Dec. 28 in Las Vegas at MGM’s Park Theater.

The album for A Star Is Born had its debut at #1 on the Billboard charts, making Gaga the only female artist to make albums that reached #1 five times this decade. And it is largely thanks to her fans, including the 77 million people around the world who follow her exploits on Twitter.

But only a select few can really call themselves “superfans,” the fans that rise above simply enjoying her music. Superfans adopt the Gaga philosophy as a kind of lifestyle, eager to pay homage to her artistry in all its forms.

Here are a few ways to make the leap from casual observer to true superfan status:

1. Las Vegas

What: See two Lady Gaga shows in Las Vegas: “Enigma” and “Jazz and Piano”
Where: Park Theater, Park MGM hotel & casino
Lady Gaga joins the ranks of Park MGM artists like Cher and Ricky Martin who have performed at this landmark theater on The Strip. In true Gaga fashion, she is performing two shows in rotation. “Enigma” is scheduled to run until Feb. 3, then returns in May and continue intermittently throughout the rest of the year. Gaga is also performing a “jazz and piano” show at the theater, where she will perform acoustic versions of her own music as well as various American jazz standards.
While You’re There: The next day, stay on the Park MGM property and eat at French-themed Primrose for breakfast. Ask to sit outside on the patio beneath the trees, tape on some eyebrows, and sing “La Vie En Rose” at your table just like Gaga in A Star Is Born.

2. Miami

What: See Gaga in Miami
Where: Frost Museum of Science, Miami
Enjoy the Frost Museum’s planetarium laser show Laser Fridays, featuring the music of a wide variety of musical artists, including the popular show choreographed to Lady Gaga’s hits.
While you’re there: After the show, zip over to South Beach and keep the party going at one of the bars. The Palace is famous for its drag shows, and Kill Your Idol is a rowdy little bar with good music.

3. Los Angeles

What: Take the A Star Is Born tour
Where: Los Angeles, CA.
Trace the steps of Gaga and her co-star Bradley Cooper by following this (very thorough) tour of the shooting locations throughout the city, including that supermarket parking lot (photo above). The drag bar where Gaga’s character Ally works as a cocktail server is really a comedy club called The Virgil, which is probably a fun place but certainly not more fun than the drag bar in the movie. But The Virgil has alcoholic beverages for sale so that’s good.
While you’re there: From The Virgil, walk west a few blocks to The Eagle, or a half-mile north to Akbar.

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