Elevation ski weeks: 17 reasons snomo should be the new bromo

Bromo (Urban Dictionary): Dudes that happen to be gay, but aren’t flamboyant at all. Prefer to go drink beer at a buddy’s place, rather than go to the gay bar and pay for cocktails and listen to bouncy club songs.


Snomo (Elevation Gay Ski Weeks dictionary): Gay dudes that prefer to drink with a bunch of hot men at gay ski week, and who think flamboyant is fun. Bouncy, campy club songs welcome.  8+ inches preferred. Of snow.

Join Queerty at Elevation Tremblant, Elevation Utah or Elevation Mammoth to meet guys like these, and thousands of other snomos! 

1. Beers and baseball caps. Because sometimes snomos look just like bromos.

2. Because longjohns are a fashion statement.

3. Just because. These two. Abs.

4. Because snomos can be both butch and the queen of the slopes.

5. Because jockstraps and harnesses and mesh, oh my.

6. Because furry animal hoodies are not just for raves anymore. Well, maybe they are. What’s a rave?

7. Because snomo bodysuits come in all the colors of the rainbow. (Don’t mention Teletubbies to this group.)

8. Because St Patrick’s Day is for drag queens too. And drag queens can be snomos, too.

9. Because St Patrick’s Day is for go-go dancers, too.

10. 8 reasons in one picture.

11. Because sometimes gun shows are good. Snomo guns, not the other, bad, kind.

12. Because fur is bad. Unless it’s (fake) fur on a jockstrap on a snomo at a gay ski week.

13. Because snomos always have a good time. Smiles everyone, smiles!

14. Because snomos can kiss each other in public. And kissing is fun.

15. Because of snomos like go-go dancers, even at a bowling alley. It’s how we roll. 

16. Because straight acting is boring. Snomo is definitely better than bromo.

17. Because matchy-matchy is fun, especially with your bros.

More on Elevation Tremblant, Elevation Utah or Elevation Mammoth at www.elevationgayski.com

Photos courtesy of Elevation Gay Ski Weeks

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