Gender-queer blogger ABearNamedTroy gives his guide to LA Pride

Everyone’s favorite glam-bear and YouTuber ABearNamedTroy gives GayCities a quick rundown on some of his LA Pride favorites.
Favorite nightlife place?
Break Room 86, Gold Coast, and A Simple Bar.
Sunday brunch?
Boozy brunch at State Social House. They bring the bottles of champagne and juice to your table so you can mix it yourself — heavy champagne with a quick splash of OJ.
Best cruising spots?
The Eagle LA never fails.
Best food place(s)
I’m super into Bossa Nova and Pinches Tacos — get the Gringos Tacos with chipotle cream sauce.
Favorite cocktail during Pride?
Vodka, club soda, and LEMON (I know I’m crazy).
What makes your Pride special or different others around the globe?
LA Pride places more importance on live music than most other Pride festivals. You can almost ALWAYS guarantee a pretty stellar lineup of incredible artists from different genres of music each year.
Best spot for the Parade?
Outside Hamburger Mary’s is pretty fun!
Favorite hangout during Pride?
I really love the festival so I’ll be mostly hanging out there.
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Photos courtesy of ABearNamedTroy