The world’s 12 gayest hot spots to ring in the New Year


With the holidays approaching and millions of LGBT Americans donning their gay apparel, the time has come to give thought to ringing in the New Year. With Donald Trump poised to take the White House as the most anti-LGBT president  ever, our queer brothers and sisters could use a party! For that, they can check out any of these hotspots for a gay old time!

1. New York City


The city so nice they named it twice has long had a thriving LGBT community, so what better place to ring in 2017? Check out the New Year’s Eve party at the historic Stonewall Inn, or Howl at the Moon with the eponymous party in Time’s Square! Visit the Chelsea Hotel for their rooftop party, or hit up the Stitch Bar & Lounge for one hot single’s mingle! Any offer plenty of options to meet someone beautiful for New Year’s Day brunch!

2. Los Angeles


For the west coast inclined, Los Angeles hosts its own share of New Year’s gaiety. Precinct, the city’s new, downtown gay venue, throws a wild bash, thrown together by notorious party aficionados the Boulet Brothers. Complete with champagne facials and live performances, the so-dubbed “Queen Kong” party promises lots of queer craziness. Party staple Masterbeat also presents Onelove, the hottest underground queer music music party in town. Presented at the historic Belasco theatre, multiple rooms featuring laser lights, 3-D video and live performances countdown to midnight with some of the world’s hottest men.

3. Miami

Gay Flag

South Florida has always loved LGBT folk, so naturally gay Mecca Miami has one of the hottest parties on the globe. Former boy bander Lance Bass hosts the New Years party at Score, one of South Beach’s sexiest venues. Special DJ guests, champagne toasts and plenty of gorgeous locals make this party a must-visit.

4. London

(RED) London Eye

To celebrate New Year’s, British style, London’s historic Clapham Grand hosts “Sink the Pink,” the city’s most outrageous New Years gathering. Also known as the Best/Worst ball, visitors are encouraged to dress in either their best or worst 2016 looks in genderfuck style! For a slightly less outrageous time, hit up East Bloc, the trendy/alt/hipster club for Blocheads, the all-night gay rave! Join a special guest DJ lineup for the hottest mix of R&B and Pop in the U.K.

5. Chicago


The Windy city hosts New Years Eve at the popular video bar Sidetrack. A special Kettle-One drink station, dancing, and complimentary party favors make the bash a charming, if subdued, event for the queer crowd. Enjoy a complimentary champagne toast at midnight, along with a special live light show to ring in the New Year. Boystown’s own Progress Bar also offers a special “Year of the Cock” shindig, welcoming in the Chinese New Year a bit early with a hosted Absolut vodka bar. Visitors can enjoy a champagne toast at midnight and can pick up a special goodie bag just for attending.

6. Amsterdam


Paradiso offers the best LGBT party in Amsterdam, a city known for its wild side. The club invites visitor to FXQPL, a theme party that takes patrons back to Berlin in the 1920s. Hot cross-dressing dancers, live DJs and a mix of electronic and pop music accompany performances from queer cabaret acts. Fancy dress is encouraged but optional for this hedonistic extravaganza.

7. Las Vegas


Party into 2017 cat Las Vegas’ own Club FLAIR for a flamboyant New Year’s Eve. Join Vegas’ hottest dancers and live DJs for an eclectic mix of pop, hip-hop and EDM culminating in a Don Perignon midnight toast. Expect this exclusive queer party to go all night long until 4am.

8. San Francisco

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Visiting the west coast’s most famous queer city? Stop into the Folsom Street Foundry for Bearracuda, the craziest, hairiest party on the Pacific. Join live DJs for some all-night dancing under a dazzling laser light show along with 500 of San Francisco’s hunkiest bears. It’s almost too much man to handle!

9. Dubai

burj dubai

For the trendiest LGBT New Year’s party, head to the island nation of Dubai, for some middle-eastern action. Club Noir invites visitors to attend this very posh party–strict dress code enforced–for some live performances, EDM and midnight fireworks on an outdoor terrace.

10. Melbourne


Ring in the New Year down under at Melbourne’s best gay bash, Block Party at Secret Garden. Join some of Australia’s most popular performers for this 1,000-visitor fiesta, featuring some of Oz’s hottest dancers, live music, and fire eaters for one of the world’s hottest dance parties! The venue also offers bottle service and delicious tapas to visitors wishing to party into 2017.

11. Rio de Janeiro


For a queer crowd with a taste for Latin events, South America’s most notorious party city plays host to the Copacabana Beach party, which features a full fireworks display on New Year’s Eve. Four stages around the beach feature live DJs with plenty of hot tunes, and nearly half a million people show up to party on the sand!

12. Hong Kong


Southeast Asia has its own share of gay New Year’s parties, though leave it to one of the continent’s most sophisticated cities to party the hardest. Visitors to Hong Kong can check out the popular club Potato Head, which will feature a rare live performance from DJ Danielle Baldellli. Patrons can enjoy an open bar all night, and plenty of special effects to make the night even more magical.

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  • Anonymous

    You really think Dubai is one of the gayest spots to ring in the New Year? Please check out Article 177 of the Penal Code which imposes 10 years of imprisonment for consensual sodomy. And do you recall the Swiss teen who was gang-raped by a group of men, only to have the police treat him as a suspect (not a victim), and the boy and his family fled the country out of fear the teen would be charged under Article 177. Take Dubai off this list!!!

  • Anonymous

    You forgot Washington, DC (Delicious Cock)

  • Anonymous

    Dubai has no business on this list, Dubai is a place the LGBT community should avoid at all costs.

  • Anonymous

    Dubai? Good god you are morons. Let’s spend Christmas holding hands in St Petersburg, RU as well.

  • Anonymous

    Melbourne? Las Vegas? Chicago? Really????

    Yet, no Berlin, Paris or Madrid???

    Bizarre at best.

  • Anonymous

    Completely echoing everything other people are saying about Dubai. But to add to it – ‘the island nation of Dubai’???? Do you know anything about it? Dubai is neither on an island, nor is it a nation. It’s a city on mainland Asia.

  • Anonymous

    Are you for real?! You will be arrested in Dubai for showing any affection to someone of the same sex and definitely no two same sex people in a double room in a hotel. More enforced with locals and residents. Non UAE citizens have an annual HIV test and are exposed if positive. Illegal to bring HIV drugs into the country. Hypocrisy rules but this is not a gay friendly destination!

  • Anonymous

    You recommend Dubai where homosexuality is still a serious crime??? The author of this article is negligent in not mentioning this.

  • Anonymous

    Dubai should never be on LGBTQ “list”, unless it tops the list of places to avoid! Where is Washington DC? Or Barcelona?

  • Anonymous

    This is not me trying to say a single nice thing about the President-elect, but Reagan still holds the title of “most anti-LGBT president ever”, at least until we’re being lined up along the edge of a pit.

  • Anonymous

    Aside from the idiocy of listing Dubai, there are so many factual errors in the so few words in this article. Both the editor and writer need new professions. Ouch.

  • Anonymous

    These lists of the best gay cities are always invariably the same and extremely America-centric with the usual few Euro additions. It gets a little boring to read them when they are always so biased

  • Anonymous

    A completely fabricated article. First Dubai is dangerous for gay people. Hong Kong gay community is completely hidden. Every gay bar – and straight bar – has some sort of New Year’s event. This is just an obvious (San Francisco) or silly random selection of cities.

  • Anonymous

    Hong Kong gay life sucks,…. you didn’t mention Bangkok – Thailand, that’s the best place to be for NYE in Asia…. Dubai? Please don’t even mention it!