PHOTOS: Guys Stripping Down In Public Becoming Unstoppable Force

In the beginning, we were naked. As civilization has progressed, men in particular seem to be regressing to our mostly undressed state, and not just by the pool or at the beach or in the bedroom.

Not that we are complaining. In fact, we are busy chronicling this quirk of evolutionary development. It seems guys in these modern days will find any excuse to strip down, and we’ve sorted them into just a few of the categories the show up in.

First there were the Santa Skivvies Runs. Then No Pants Transit Day. And how could we forget Cupid’s Undie Runs? Then there’s the perennial pride stripping. The White Party. Hustla Ball. The go-go box at our favorite clubs. Even at Dolores Park for the Hunky Jesus contest.

Why, you may ask, has this become some sort of sociological trend? Good question. Perhaps it’s the increasing cultural objectification of the male body. Or maybe it’s just the ubiquity of mobile phone cameras. At any rate, the dots seem to connect, and in a very gay way.

Check out the various locations guys are dressing down…

At Dolores Park


While brushing your teeth in a selfie30720d708049dc3f0ab9b6766a36e9e3

Walking the dog


Chasing after little children


Partaking in snow sportsTelluride-Gay-Ski-Week-001

At any sort of theme party3cde585c984411e3ae5012c8d529bd8b_8

On President’s Daye12d66e8983d11e3862412f111171750_8

On the way to the gym


When dressed up for a parade


While wearing balloon hats


At a Christmas partyIMG_0447-768x1024-502x670

On the way to the airport


Hanging out at a club


After a soccer injury

In the mirror

At hunky Jesus


On the couch

Getting ready for a show

On the runway

Watching TV

Shopping for funny hats and maybe some cool suspenders

Waiting for the subwayhkpants-subway-ride-hong-kong-670x448

Going into space


When capturing post child stardom


While shopping for leather


On the work commuteny960x540-670x448

While inflating Santa’s sleigh outdoor display


At White Party


And by the pool (duh)

On the way to school


 Practicing for taking clothing off