PHOTOS: Las Vegas Pride Is Hot Hot Hot



The thermostat may have almost broken 100, but boy was it a great weekend to be gay in Las Vegas. Every year the Pride Parade, Pride Festival, and a series of epic pool parties come together on one weekend deemed Las Vegas Gay Days.

The night parade was filled with shirtless men who looked like their torsos were sculpted at Caesar’s Palace and entertainers dawned in Cirque du Soleil-like costumes. The Official Gay Days Pool party at the Luxor was packed with men who looked like Egyptian princes.

We captured all of it for you right here, so sit back and enjoy some pictures from one of the hottest (literally) Prides of the year.

photos credit Rod Spark Photography

RodSpark-LVPride-2218 RodSpark-LVPride-2220 RodSpark-LVPride-2251 RodSpark-LVPride-2266 RodSpark-LVPride-2267 RodSpark-LVPride-2276 RodSpark-LVPride-2295 RodSpark-LVPride-2299 RodSpark-LVPride-2311  RodSpark-LVPride-2358 RodSpark-LVPride-2371 RodSpark-LVPride-2378RodSpark-LVPride-2193 RodSpark-LVPride-2427 RodSpark-LVPride-2431 RodSpark-LVPride-2454 RodSpark-LVPride-2519 RodSpark-LVPride-2528 RodSpark-LVPride-2531 RodSpark-LVPride-2534 RodSpark-LVPride-2538 RodSpark-LVPride-2541 RodSpark-LVPride-2545 RodSpark-LVPride-2553




  • The Randy Report

    Las Vegas Pride was fantastic this year! Thanks for posting. Quick comment – every shirtless man in these pics had no body hair…. no bears, cubs or furry guys in Las Vegas?

  • James

    Nope, it’s too hot here for that! 😉

  • Toor

    Who is the bearded guy in the two pics up from the last one?

  • alterego1980

    Photographer’s bias maybe?

  • Matt

    It’s hot if you like imbecilic white clones, just like McDonalds is delicious is you have no taste buds.

  • Matt

    Don’t you know that gay men who aren’t white, thin, and older than 25 aren’t supposed to show themselves in public?

  • n900mixalot

    There were TONS of hot bears, punk rockers, and others. None of whom this stupid pectorial (get it?) captured. It was a lot of fun.