PHOTOS: The World’s Best Gay Beaches, According To You

Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve been spurring on summer with our annual picks for the world’s best gay beaches and the world’s best nude beaches. Now it’s time to hear (and see) what you, our dear and always vocal GayCities and Queerty readers, think are the planet’s best gay coastlines. We’ll be back next week with your choices for the best nude beaches. Meanwhile, as usual: Enjoy the view.

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  • Jacques Graber

    Yes, Brighton. I was there with a friend. The beach is like walking in a gravel pit. On California stndards, not very “beachy”. Lots of flint and other odd bodkins pebbles, not sand. The Pier was fun to see.

  • John Ensslen

    It seems like all beaches in Western Europe are stony The only one I know of is not too stony is Cannes Beach In Cannes France It is not too far from Mote Carlo


    Was this supposed to be a readers’ poll of the best gay beaches worldwide here? Or, are you planning to publish one next week? If so, where is that poll or where are from where are you culling your responses? (There’s no e-mail contact for Dan Allen to ask him this question directly.)

    Since the South American country of Uruguay is in the news for recently passing same sex marriage (even before that European nation whose motto is liberté, egalité, fraternité), you must feature La Chihuahua beach in South America’s hippest Riviera, Punta del Este. Here one will find gay and nude sunbathers, many from the other Río de la Plata sister nation, and Uruguay’s neighbor, Argentina (who passed same sex marriage in 2010).

    If you want to feel like you’re in the European Riviera (in ethnic composition, attitude, and topography) during the harsh winter months of the northern hemisphere, then hop on a plane and get to the progressive nations of Argentina and Uruguay. The sand is fine, but the water is the Atlantic Ocean and, therefor, nothing like the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean.
    I would suggest flying on Aerolíneas Argentinas or LAN Chile in Business Class, or even better, First Class if possible for world-class service, in-flight amenities, and excellent meal service (although Aeroméxico, Air Canada, Air Europa, Air France, Alitalia, American Airlines, Avianca, Boliviana de Aviación, BQB Líneas Aéreas, British Airway, Conviasa, Copa Airlines, Cubana de Aviación, Delta Airlines, Emirates, Gol Transportes Aéreos, Iberia, KLM, Lufthansa, Qatar Airways, Sky Airline, South African Airways, TACA/Lacsa, TAM, Turkish Airlines, and United Airlines all can get you to Buenos Aires and/or Montevideo before making your way to Punta. (Varig Brazilian Airlines no longer services these destinations).

    Unlike the rest of Latin America, Argentina and Uruguay have substantial middle and upper-middle class populations. The wealthiest Argentines, though, take over Punta del Este, Uruguay during this period. In addition, this is where the European jet-set will be found during the southern hemisphere’s summer, 21 December — 20 April.

    ¡Vivan los países rioplatenses: la Argentina y el Uruguay!

  • Jerry Ramirez

    I was hoping to see Puerto Vallarta in the list!!

  • Anonymous

    You are looking nice

  • Anonymous

    “Brighton. I was there with a friend. The beach is like walking in a gravel pit. On California stndards, not very “beachy”.”

    Not by UK standards either!

  • Anonymous

    “It seems like all beaches in Western Europe are stony”

    Perhaps you meant the gay beaches. Certainly not *all* beaches – on the contrary!