PHOTOS: The World’s 10 Best Gay Beaches 2014



Those “keep those carbs away from me!” protests heard echoing through gay haunts across the Northern Hemisphere can mean only one thing: summer beach season is finally here.

We’ve compiled our annual list of the world’s best gay beaches, replete with visuals sure to put you in the ultimate sunny seaside mood.

It’s a big world, so if your favorite gay beach didn’t make the cut, we’d love to hear about it in the comments section.

Tune in next week for our picks of the world’s best nude beaches.

Meanwhile, enjoy the view of the 10 best gay beaches of 2014…

First up: Rio’s Ipanema


  • Peter

    Note that Maspalomas is not the biggest city on Gran Canaria. The capital Las Palmas is the biggest and situated on the north side of the island. Maspalomas (lit. Many Pigeons) is the biggest city in the southern (hottest) part of the island. Big gay nightlife also ;-).

    Do not forget Sitges on mainland Spain as a gay hotspot..

  • Poquito Mas

    Don’t forget “Ginger Rogers Beach” (aka Will Rogers Beach) in Santa Monica, Los Angeles

  • curmudgeon

    How about Galveston? Saw Gov. Rick Perry giving head to an A&M boy on the beach there

  • petitpok

    Sitges in Spain?

  • Evji108

    The 12 th st gay beach in Miami Beach has a much bigger beach crowd than Sebastian St beach in Fort Lauderdale. The town of Sitges, just south of Barcelona has 3 gay beaches and the entire scene is much bigger than either Fort Lauderdale or Miami Beach and is therefore more deserving of a mention in this list.

  • ben

    does anyone know the best beaches on Mykonos ? 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think you comment to much at all I apcieprate every comment that you leave. I have to admit I’m a bit of a comment whore. I start to get despressed if I don’t have comments. =) And there’s no way I’d ever think you were a stalker. Besides I think I’ve commented on just about everyone of your pictures for awhile now so if anyone is stalking I think it’d be me!That’s a long way of saying please don’t feel the need to purposely fall back on commenting to me! =)

  • Anonymous

    – These are beautiful! I love the tones and that wee bit of yeollw is fabulous. I agree with Melissa, the huddled family shot is the perfect family portrait. Gorgeous work Louise!