The 10 Best Marriage-Equality Videos From Around the World

As we near the November 6 elections, the battle to preserve or introduce marriage equality is being fought in key battleground states like Maryland, Washington and Minnesota. The issue is also gaining momentum oversees—everywhere from Great Britain and New Zealand to Poland and Vietnam.

To help rally the troops, we’re sharing 10 ads, speeches and PSAs that make the case for same-sex marriage in insightful, emotional and entertaining ways. Above, check out a clip that ran Thursday night at the Democratic National Convention showcasing President Obama’s support for the LGBT community.

Check out more marriage-equality videos from around the world below. Do you have another one to nominate? Drop us a line in the comments section!



Getting well over three million hits, the “It’s Time” marriage-equality PSA from GetUp!  melted hearts across Australia and the world. Julian Shaw, the star of the clip (and our future bear-cub boyfriend), doesn’t just play a gay-rights activist on TV:  A successful filmmaker, journalist, novelist and actor, Shaw made his first documentary—Darling!, which focused on acclaimed South African drag queen Pieter-Dirk Uys and his work raising awareness about HIV in his homeland—when he was just a teenager.

Canada has had legalized gay marriage for years now, and this adorable love story between an Ontario Mountie and a Quebecois officer celebrates that in a humorous way.


This touching clip from Ireland shows the heart-wrenching effects of not allowing children to visit their LGBT caregivers in the hospital.



Earlier this year, Friend of Queerty Benjamin Cohen launched Out4Marriage, a campaign featuring personal videos supporting  marriage equality in the UK. While human-rights activist Peter Tatchell, Equalities Minister Lynne Featherstone, several members of Parliament and Virgin mogul Richard Branson have all contributed clips, it was this submission from Cohen’s grandparents that really got to us.

Says 82-year-old zaida David Green: “Two of our grandchildren are happily married. One of our grandchildren, should the occasion arise, I’m sure would like to get married but under the present law he would be unable to because he’s gay.”

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