PHOTOS: The 10 Best Gay Beaches In The World

Fire Island, NY: Pines Beach

The words “Fire Island” have a certain connotation, one that’s fully realized in the Pines, home to some of the summer’s hottest tea dances and one-off parties. The beach, an extension of the area’s party mentality, is packed with eye candy, particularly those walking Adonises you see strolling down Chelsea’s Eighth Avenue. Nudity is allowed on the shore, but is more prevalent on the island’s Bohemian enclave, Cherry Grove.

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  • English

    On Fire Island, not in! Do you have any editors there?

  • lambillio

    ok so where is the list?? am i missing something? link keeps going back to this page with one pic…

  • Lmuloyolan

    ummmm… the link doesn’t go to the list.. FAIL….

  • guest12

    uh yeah i don’t see the list, brings me back here.

  • Sdeesa

    Stupid website! No list!

  • Scott Gatz

    The list is fixed people!

  • Speedoxs

    Very (too) US-centric. Have you checked out Super Paradise beach on Mykonos? The name itself is the gayest name EVER!

  • Cenzcenz

    How can you possibly list LITTLE TINY beaches like “a section of Rehobeth” etc. and leave out Herring Cove Beach, Race Point, Provincetown Inn and dozens of other smaller beaches in Provincetown, Massachuettes??? You then you have the nerve, or ignorance, to leave Provincetown completely off you list of Featured Gay Cities??? Provincetown and it’s beaches is the only 100% gay-dominated city in the world per capita bigger than Wilton Manors. As the Fun Map describes it as “every hotel is gay, every restaurant is gay, every bar is gay, every beach is gay….” NO other city can boast such. Mile for Mile (and that is several miles by several miles) it is the most, biggest, most tourist-drawn gayest city in the world (it is straight-friendly instead of the other way around) especially when place in geographic size next to the “gay sections” of cities you listed: San Deigo, Wilton Manors, Castro District, West Hollywood, etc. do not compare. Give me a break….. your list is shit, you must have been paid off or are completely ignorant! (I don’t live in the Northeast but along with many others travel cross-country every year, not just a one shot vacation to some far-flung place in the world, to spend as much time there as possibly, and I have been around the world too but this, as many of us feel, the best spot to spend a gay/gay beach vacation.

  • paul

    ummm, dunno quite how to say this, but although the area at North Bondi is great and very gay and Bondi is a spot that rocks: real groovy etc, the North Bondi Surf Club and the exercise area nearby are hardly our own gay spots. Hot guys of course, and kinda gay-friendly, but for most of the year (ie, non-MardiGras times) it’s pretty hetero/metro rather than gay…..

  • Scrufff

    1.  How about West Beach in Laguna, CA?
    2.  A minor quibble, but in general, Brazilian men, straight and gay do not wear “tiny speedos” or speedos/bikini bottoms at all.  We wear a boxy cut swim trunk called “sungas”.  We find them much sexier than the more revealing speedos.   Just check out the guys in pix number 2 and 3 – Sungas.  Not speedos. 

  • vasco

     like if queerty even notices the difference

  • Brad Stafford

    Believe it or not, Peru is becoming a hot gay spot. There is a beach in Northern Peru with miles and miles of virgin white beach. It is in Colan, Peru. Beautiful Exotic Latin Gay Guys. Puerto Vallarta 25 years ago. 🙂 

  • Dagöberto Quirós

    There should be Manuel Antonio beach, Costa Rica.

  • Ben

    and Playa del Inglés, Gran Canaria ?

  • Chad man do

    I love how there is not a single black guy in any of the pictures of US beaches, but all the other countries have multiple blacks (except Aussie-ville).  Something about the WASPs decedents, you guys sure hate the Afros.

  • Tallgay

    Its just a typical american list!  Its just stupid, and its mostly white guys on this pics, and they have also Hilton beach in Tel aviv there, why? its a very tiny smal beach, its hundreds of better beaches in Europe, asia

  • Ltonyvxv

    Wow…you have apparently offended a lot of bitter queens out there. Lighten up bitches. Everyone has their own opinion. You want to list your favorite beaches? Then do it. You don’t like this newsletter? Don’t read it. My personal favorite gay beach is Little Beach in Maui, HI. It’s a mildly strenuous walk through the woods, down Big Beach, and then over an old lava flow, but my husband and I went to only one other beach while on our honeymoon (and left after a couple minutes to go to Little Beach).

  • Bush Wankers

    very cool that Clifton Third Beach, Cape Town made it onto the list, but there should have been mention of the more cruisy, and nudist, Sandy Bay just three km down the road too !

  • Going Global!!

    Provincetown is so 1999 – you need to expand your horizons a bit!  Also, NOT every restuarant, hotel and bar is gay in Provincetown – believe it or not there are straight-owned businesses in Provincetown – and they are very tolerant ’cause they will certainly take your money, Honey!  And your statement about “100% gay-dominated city” – in what century? The place is fucking boring after 3 days and wicked expensive for what you get!  That’s why it was probably passed over!  Too Bad, So Sad – P’town Passe!!!

  • Natures Son

    So, where the hell do regular looking guys go?  Sure didn’t see any in those photos.

    In addition to there not being few men of color in the US, where are the old farts?

    Go ahead.  Get your melanoma.

  • Carlmarvelous

    Strictly for the physical beauty of the men, the water, and the setting, West St. beach in Laguna, CA could be on this list.  You won’t find bars or restaurants here but the variety of men is also awesome.

  • Greeks forever!

    I think there should be Paradise Beach and Super Paradise Beach en Mykonos, Greece.

  • Rossco

    That is to bad,Afro men arebthevhottest!!!!!!

  • Marc Conder

    ya think? I do not think outside of a few french beaches, and one in Malta, I have ever seen a black man at the beach. I know I dont hate africans, but I also have never had any physical reaction to africans. I suspect we are only attracted to those we liked at the when you first know you are gay…

  • Marc Conder

    north Bondi is the only place I have ever found human excrement on the beach….not my favorite beach at all…

  • Paul

    There are a lot of fantastic gay beaches in Europe and Asia 🙂 Enjoy the sun and the beaches where ever you are!