PHOTOS: San Francisco’s Cockettes Extend Their Legs For Hot Greeks


Forget Hunky Jesus, this week in San Francisco, it’s the legendary Cockettes who are staging a Second Coming.

Labeled by John Waters as “the first hip drag queens,” the genre-bending troupe first emerged in the wild world of 1960s SF. But they brought their merry madness to the 21st century with Pearls Over Shanghai in 2009. A collaboration with local theater troupe Thrillpeddlers, Pearls was originally slated to run for  six weeks but quickly turned into a two-year stage phenomenon. And the San Francisco theater scene has never been the same.

Continuing in that tradition, Thrillpeddlers recently announced the extension of Hot Greeks, a musical reproduction of the Cockettes’ 1972 show of the same name, at SoMa’s Hypnodrome. Opening back in March, the show blends Greek tragedy with a campy take on frat-film favorite Animal House.

And thanks to a string of sold-out performances, Hot Greeks will drag out until May 19.

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Hot Greeks runs at the Hypnodrome on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm. Photos: Thrillpeddlers