September at SF’s Cafe, at least for a glittery night

september 1

With platinum blonde hair, electro pop gems and raunchy stage shows, it’s no surprise that September has become a solidified gay icon in both Europe and in the States. And we’re a little jealous that she can make guys take their shirts off with nothing more than a song.

The Stockholm-based singer burst onto the scene with “Satellites,” which quickly became a staple in European gay clubs. With its powerful vocals and state-of-the-art production, “Cry for Me,” became a huge hit in the U.S.

September is scheduled to perform at San Francisco’s renovated The Café this Saturday, November 14. GayCities editor Oscar Raymundo caught up with the pop diva to ask about her favorite gay venues, and what she thinks about her gays by the Bay.

Oscar: You were born in Stockholm, Sweden–what can you tell us about the gay scene there?

September: It’s big, especially during the Eurovision contest. The gay clubs were actually the first clubs that let me in when I was too young to party. Nice memories…

O: Let’s say we’re talking to a cute Swedish boy, can you gives us some hints on sealing the deal?

S: Hehe… Just say hej vill du ha mig in Swedish 🙂 (Translation:”Hello–take me!”)

O: And if we’re ever in Stockholm, where do you suggest we go to get our groove on?

S: We don’t have that many clubs to choose from, but I would go to Lino or Patricia.

O: Did you ever think your career would lead you to be a gay icon?

september 2S: I never thought about that. I just do what feels good. But now I wouldn’t stand it without my gay fans! You all are a lovely audience and always appreciate my creative ideas! I’m very lucky  😮

O: Do you think it has something to do with the platinum hair?

S: Swedish and blonde…Well I hope that’s not all of it, because I just shaved my hair off hehe! Most of it anyways…

O: Your music sometimes makes gay guys take their shirts off at clubs. Why do you think that is?

S: Cause people wanna dance and show love…

O: Have you noticed any differences between your European gay fans and American gay fans?

S: Americans are much louder.

O:  What about differences performing for gay audiences vs. straight audiences?

S: It’s a big difference–you are much wilder than my straight shows!

O: Have you ever been to San Francisco? If so, what do you remember from your last visit?

S: Yeah. My first trip to the US was in ’07. I did the Energy Anniversary Blast. Loved it! So beautiful and the cafes and the seafood mmm..

O: We heard you put on quite the raunchy show in London earlier this year. You know, we’re known in San Francisco for embracing the raunchy. What can we expect from your appearance at The Cafe?

S: A piece of glitter!

O: With any luck, it will fall on me… Ever since ABBA, Sweden has been generating great pulsating pop and electro music, what’s up with that? You guys must have more electrolytes in your water…

S: We love sitting inside with our computers, I guess that’s why…Glad something nice comes with the bad weather.

O: Do you have a favorite month of the year?

S: October!!!

Tickets for September’s show at The Café are available in advance for $10 through their website,, $15 at the door. Check out these pics of The Cafe’s new space, and if you’re catching the show be sure to check out our complete guide to gay San Francisco.