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It’s tough NOT to objectify Joe Bermudez. Not yet 30, he’s an amazing talent who has worked with just about every major pop talent in the industry from Britney to Whitney. Well, it’s good to be Joe. From his home base in Boston, Bermudez is literally in the studio, spinning a show on Sirius, Billboard reporting–or in an international DJ booth every waking moment. With the release of Mass Movement on Ultra Records, and a number of play dates on the horizon to preview the full-length, Bermudez continues to soar. The only downside? Did we mention he’s straight?

GayCities New England editor Tony Giampetruzzi (winenothate) caught up with the baby faced spinner via IM as Joe heads out on tour, starting Friday, Aug. 14, in his own backyard of Boston at Underbar, where he is resident DJ.

Joe-1winenothate: So, Joe, the last time I saw you, you were spinning an AIDS benefit in Maine in June. It was raining. It’s been raining ever since. Even though you’re originally from Maine and now live in Boston, you must agree the weather in Beantown has sucked.

joebermudez: I am actually probably the only guy in Boston who is excited that it’s been cold and raining lately. Yucky days like that have been helping me get a TON done in the studio.

winenothate: I saw you pimping your new disc today, Mass Movement on iTunes. Not too shabby. What’s the hook?

joebermudez: Um, it’s OFF the hook! It’s a mix compilation for Ultra Records. I took a lot of the big vocal records from my Mass Movement radio show and assembled them in an energetic fashion.

winenothate: This isn’t your first time at the rodeo. How is this different from the stuff you’ve done in the past?

joebermudez: I had some limitations with this one. I was only allowed to choose from Ultra’s catalog. Granted, they have quite an impressive one, but it was hard to find a group of songs that made sense and sounded like I would actually mix them together at the club.

winenothate: It must be hard for Bermudez to feel limited! I mean, you’re not even 30 and while other jocks and producers are standing in the soup line, you’ve worked with every star in the book – Miley, Britney, Whitney – so, come coco – who’s your favorite and why?

joebermudez: My favorite 2 are Kelly Clarkson and Hilary Duff.

winenothate: They’ve been calling a lot lately, huh?

joebermudez: Ha! No, it’s not because they hire me all the time! It’s because they trust me and just let me do what it is I do. It also doesn’t hurt that they are both extremely nice and fun to be around.

winenothate: Fine. So, who’s been the most difficult?

joebermudez: Is this your way of trying to get me in trouble???

165-fix2winenothate: You’re so doe-eyed – there isn’t one bone of trouble in that body. I guess you just have a way with the ladies – is it because you’re *gasp* straight?

joebermudez: Actually, most women prefer a gay man. Then they have someone fun to go shopping with without having to worry about them trying to get in their pants sexually. They still have to worry about them literally getting in their pants though. I’ve seen a few guys who look better in skinny jeans then girls do.

winenothate: Keen observation, Joe. After all you predominantly play gay clubs and events. Is it tough being straight in a gay world?

joebermudez: Not at all. Everyone is really friendly and there to have fun. If someone had an issue with me being supportive of the gay community, that would be pretty messed up

winenothate: We kinda like having you around. So, gays … all over the news these days. If you were in the military you could handle some gay comrades?

joebermudez: If you have the balls to be on the front lines fighting terrorists, then you should be able to fondle someone on your own time. And I think it’s silly that people are afraid that someone gay will always try to sleep with them. They’re always the ugliest guys that neither man nor woman would want anyway.

winenothate: How about marriage – have you been asked to spin any nuptials in Mass.?

joebermudez: Nothing in Mass yet, but I have been flown out to Fire Island to do some pretty elaborate wedding after-parties.

winenothate: If the grooms left it up to you to choose the first dance, what would you play?

joebermudez: I’ve always wanted to have Selena’s Dreaming of You played at mine, so I would probably use that.

winenothate: Where will you be playing in the next couple months?

joebermudez: I’ll be at Underbar in Boston on Aug. 14, Tracks in Denver on Aug. 21, Sona in Providence Aug. 23, and Metro in Jacksonville Sept. 6.

winenothate: What’s the best city/party you’ve ever played?

joebermudez: My favorite city to go to is Sydney. It has an amazing vibe about it that I can’t get enough of. I have to admit the accents are pretty hot too!

winenothate: Those guys down under really do have a way with words. Do you have a favorite club?

joebermudez: My favorite club to go out to is Giant at Vanguard in L.A. They always have someone great playing, and I end up staying out WAY past my bedtime.

winenothate: C’mon, Joe. Is there any hope for your single gay fans?

joebermudez: Tony, you know it doesn’t matter if you are gay, straight or bi. If you come to one of my parties there are plenty of other good looking, nice people for you to meet and maybe take home to Jello wrestle.

winenothate: Jello wrestling. Joe’s place. Saturday nights. Be there.

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