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  • Busy on a weekend
    But not the kind of place you would want to go alone on the weekend. It is too busy and the music is too loud to have a conversation. Seating is limited then too. Long line to get a drink and nothing special about the prices. But if you like crowds and country dancing speckled with some other music, check it out.

    March 14, 2012

  • Great Dive Bar, friendly people.
    The people here were so friendly that I wish I had found this bar on my first night of my 3 night stay. I went twice and each time everyone talked with me. The bartenders were friendly and attentive, drink prices are great. The patio is cruisy which is always a plus. While most of the men are 38 plus, there were a handful of us younger guys scattered about. While the building is old it is still comfortable. Jukebox selection is good. I will go back next time I am in town.
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    March 14, 2012

  • Not sure about this bar...
    I have mixed feelings about this bar. It is a dive bar, which I like, it has lots of dancers, they are not my type. They are young but they are not built, all the ones I saw were thin, skinny even, no muscle tone, not that that is a bad thing, plenty of guys like that, just not my thing. The drink prices are very inexpensive and the bartenders friendly enough. I hesitate to give it 3 stars though because I have been twice on Fridays, and it hasn't been very busy either time even late at night. Of the people that were there no one was very friendly, other than the staff. I like the seating arrangement of the bar, lots of places to sit, long bar, the dancer stage is in the back and out of the way. Still I am not sure if I would go back or not. But if you are into what I described, then check it out.

    February 26, 2012

  • Not too bad for Tulsa
    I went here twice, once on Friday at about 8pm. Tulsa, I have found, is a late city, there were only a handful of people inside. The drinks are inexpensive and the staff friendly but not overly friendly. The patrons of the bar stared ALOT, which I kind of like, but no one was friendly enough or brave enough to speak to me, just stare. Until I was leaving and then one guy got up the nerve to say "you leaving? You're hot." The next time I went was again on Friday about 11pm and the bar was packed. The crowd was mixed but definitly dominated by bears. Which is cool becuae that's the type of bar it is. Still, the patrons were stand offish and just stared. I'm a talker so it wasn't long before I engaged others in conversation though. The bar itself is relatively small, small dance floor, dimly lit, but still comfortable. Not bad for a visit but I was hoping it would be more cruisey for an Eagle.

    February 26, 2012

  • Really surprised.
    I went on a Tuesday for Karaoke and there were probably 70 plus people in. Friendly clientele, a handful of cute guys and men and women of all ages. Not as cruisey as I like but all in all it was a fun night with inexpensive drinks and good people.

    July 23, 2011

  • Bars & Clubs in Albuquerque

    July 23, 2011

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  • Drinks are cheap, that's about it.
    There are only two clubs in Augusta as of now, so if you have to go to one this would be it. The other don't bother. I was visiting for three days on a weekend and was told this was a high energy dance club. Uummm, yeah, not so much. It is actually two bars, downstairs they play dance music, charge a cover most nights and no one is there. Upstairs is more like a dive bar and there is no cover on weeknights but they expect you to pay $6 on Friday and Saturday, I'm not sure why. The bar doesn't open until 8pm and got decently busy around 10:30 everynight. The drinks are cheap and good but the bartenders lack the attention to get them to you quickly so you may have to wait for 5 or more minutes. The crowd is diverse with all ages and types. The building is old and small but does the job. Other than the cover and slow bartenders, i would say it's worth checking out. Cruisy level was ok on the weekends. I didn't find out until I was leaving that about 25 miles away across the stae line in Aiken SC, there is a gay bar called Marlboro Station that I am told is really good but I did not get to check it out. The other bar in Augusta called The filling Station, well, just skip it, just FYI.
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    January 19, 2011

  • Skip it...
    This club is only open on Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 8pm til 2am and for good reason. I was there each night, the only clientele comes from the gay hotel next door (see my review on it) called the Parliment house. Well, actually, the clientele comes from the campground behind the hotel. Each night the only people inside was the 12 or so guys that live or visit the campground. All over 50, which is fine, but they aren't really bears, more like retirees. They stay for a couple of drinks and then leave. They all live beside each other so they tend to sit together and the then the bar is empty for the rest of the night. The bar itself is very, very small, having been a converted two bay garage. It is one small room with the bar along one wall, so there are no cubby holes or dark corners. You have to go outside and around the corner as the bathrooms are located outside, like they always use to be on old gas stations. There is a nice big patio out back. The drinks are cheap but weak. The bartender is extra friendly and attentive. That is abou the only good thing I can say about this place.
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    January 19, 2011

  • Scary...and not in a good way.
    Having stayed at cruisy gay hotels like Parliment House Orlando, The Flamingo in St. Petes, Habana Inn in Oklahoma City and even the Cheshire in Atlanta, I had high hopes for this place. The rooms are reasonably priced and though dated they are clean. I got really excited when I found out there was a building with a maze, steamroom, porn room, private booths, orgy rooms and tons of glory holes. There is even a building known as the pig pen with slings and a watersports room. But sadly, that is where the good part of my review ends. There is a campground behind and woned by the hotel, apparently people live there year round and that is the majority of the clientele. I was there three nights on what was supposedly a "good" weekend but all I saw was men over 50, noi in good shape and not in the least bit attractive, and it was the same men everynight. There is a huge fence up around the place and a private gate, the public has to pay to get in if they are not staying there and I think that is the biggest drawback. At the other gay resort hotels, the public was allowed to walk in and cruise which brought guys of all ages, shapes and sizes in on a constant basis, especially "straight" guys who did not want to be seen any more than possible. Here you have to go into the office, fill out paperwork and pay $10 to cruise. The building with the maze and orgy room is so dark that you literally can not see what is in front of you. I actually ran into guys and walls. There is zero light. I am not sure how anyone could have sex in that place. It was creepy, not cool and there was almost zero heat. There is a bar next door owned by the hotel but sadly, it to was only occupied by the same 12 guys that live/or visit the campground behind the hotel. So I went to the other gay bar in town, met a hot bi guy in town for the night, tried to bring him back to my hotel room at the Parliment and guess what? They would not let him come back to my room unless he paid a $10 membership and filled out paperwork to get into the grounds.My entire stay there I saw maybe 15 people at once on the weekend nights, but it was the same people as the other nights, usually there is just one or two guys wondering the grounds. Sad to say this place has potential but don't waste your money.

    January 19, 2011

  • Skip it...
    I was here on a Friday night, after 10pm, what is advertised as a hard core leather bar is actually older, overweight men, who sometimes come out in leather, but mostly are just in jeans and t-shirts. Don;t get me wrong, nothing wrong with this type, it's just that no one there was the least bit masculine, as a matter of fact, they were all down right feminine. The bar has a lot of nooks and crannies and is spread out pretty good, but there was no cruising going on while I was there and only about 12 people. The drink prices are expensive, but hey, welcome to Atlanta. I say skip it.

    January 13, 2011

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