Ron Moore, 53M. a pearl of wisdom: Let your haters be your motivators!! I am a very caring and compassionate guy that loves to help people. I love to volunteer with AIDS organizations to be able to give back to the gay community. I tend to be a nurturer by nature. I love to have quiet time on a golf course(rarely). I do like to stay busy most of the time. I can take days and do absolutely nothing but watch tv or movies. I love music( a child of the eighties) that I can dance to or can cruise to. I do workout three to four times a week and rapisly gaining more muscle while my bear belly goes away. I would say I am equally part muscle and part bear. I have one dog and he is my child. His name is Alex and spoiled rotten. I did rescue a cat but she lives outside and named her kitty(how original). I do have a quik wit and can come off as sarcastic at times but only when the moment calls for it. I am looking for a guy that is comfortable in his own skin and someone that loves himself for who he is 100%. A guy that can be rough and masculine but also can be sweet and tender when the moment calls for it. Honesty is the number one factor. Caring, compassionate, and likes to help others. You do not have to be sister Theresa but show some concern for people in need. A guy to whom I am attracted to. I could be attracted to a persons charm, wit, personality. It he is handsome or nice looking, his inner beauty must show to enhance the outer beauty ( this is a difficult find). I like confidence but not a narcissitic ass. I do like like the typical jock guys along with wolves and bears. I think hair is extremely sexy! The outer beauty may fade with time but the inner beauty will last forever. I want a guy who can be monogamous in a relationship. I love a guy who has passion in the bedroom - sometimes just the sensual touch and caress can be enough to satisfy my needs. I do have times(more often than not) where I can be a passionate animal(haha). I am a Scorpio and true to that nature. I will be upfront and honest - you have three chances and after that - there are no more left. If you make it through all the profile - thank you, for taking the time to get to know the person that I am.

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