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  • italbiker
    italbiker reviewed Chilli Pepper 24 Hrs Over a year ago
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    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
    Man, is this place hot! I mean, literally: not a fan, a ceiling fan or, god forbid, an a/c unit in sight. Definitely not a wise choice in a Country where the temperature can easily hit 34 Celsius even at 7pm. You'll pay an unreasonable price for this Country 's economy to rent a six-hours suite (thankfully with a/c but no shower or restroom) and you're free to roam through the place, basically a huge darkroom where it's fairly difficult to figure out who's the owner of the hand that's touching you. Therefore if you're into the feeling of having anonymous sex with faceless people while having the same air reservoir you'd have in a stuck elevator in mid-August, I'd highly recommend it.